Implementation of Mach 30 ground station prototypes optimized to listen to "tweets" from space broadcast by Southern Stars CubeSat the SkyCube.

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Update for LNA production (20 comments)
The 20dB gain LNA (Low Noise Amplifier) is critical to the receive sensitivity of Ground Sphere, making the difference between a trace of a signal and AX-25 decode.
Added by Aaron Harper about 9 years ago

Testing update for Prototype 1 (5 comments)
Added by J. Simmons about 9 years ago

RTL-SDR Dongle in Linux (15 comments)
I wanted to get a better idea of how the dongle gain was manipulated through software. To do this I first got rtl-sdr and SDRSharp running on my Linux machine.
Added by Jeremy Wright about 9 years ago

SkyCube Launch Delayed (24 comments)
Added by J. Simmons over 9 years ago

Update from Tim (3 comments)
Lots of news on SkyCube and NPS cubesats
Added by J. Simmons over 9 years ago

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