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Latest news

Pedal Bus: Getting started
Added by J. Simmons over 1 year ago

Holoseat: Windows System Tray App
App to SVN soon, Fritzing file updated for removal of slide Pot. and will hopefully get into docs soon.
Added by Bryan Christian almost 2 years ago

Holoseat: A Victim of Our Own Success
Long overdue update on Holoseat... V0.2 works so well that we got sidetracked using the prototypes instead of continuing development. But, development is underway again with some great new ideas and a first public demo.
Added by J. Simmons almost 2 years ago

Ground Sphere CubeSat Ground Station: Update for LNA production
The 20dB gain LNA (Low Noise Amplifier) is critical to the receive sensitivity of Ground Sphere, making the difference between a trace of a signal and AX-25 decode.
Added by Aaron Harper over 2 years ago

Ground Sphere CubeSat Ground Station: Testing update for Prototype 1
Added by J. Simmons over 2 years ago

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Latest projects

  • Ground Sphere Mk 3 (03/15/2016 08:31 pm)

    Ground Sphere Mk 3 is the 2016 Mach 30 development project. Our mission objective is to listen to radio signals from NASA's International Space Station. Since the project began, we’ve learned that this HAM radio downlink was all but shut down, except for large pre-coordinated events with NASA. While that’s unfortunate, our system is “reconfigurable” and we’re now testing it by downlinking images from NOAA weather satellites. ...

  • Perpetum mobile (10/26/2015 05:22 pm)

    kugla, ki se nimr vrti

  • Open Source Lidar (07/06/2015 03:56 am)

    The idea of this project is the conceptual development of a modularized open source lidar system. The
    possibility of realizing an open source lidar system should be evaluated by defining a modularized
    framework with interface definitions. The goal of this modularized open lidar system is to have a...

  • OBI (04/06/2015 03:18 am)
  • Mathematics Tool Kit (01/22/2015 09:09 pm)

    Mach 30 believes documentation is essential to creating high quality engineering analysis and that integrating documentation steps into the engineering process is the key to ensuring documentation is created and maintained. The Mathematics Tool Kit (MTK) is a unified engineering analysis and documentation tool created to address these needs. ...