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Holoseat is an open source project of Model B, LLC that transforms your gaming from couch potato time to workout time. How does Holoseat do this? Just check out the video below to see for yourself.

Want to learn more? Well you came to the right place. From here you can follow our development process, post feedback, and even download the plans to build your own Holoseat. And don't forget to sign up for our newsletter to keep up with all the latest information about the Holoseat.

Holoseat is open source hardware. v0.3 is certified as open source hardware by OSHWA.

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Manager: J. Simmons
Developer: Bryan Christian

Terms of Service Signers: J. Simmons, Bryan Christian

Latest news

PY18 Sprint 2 Stand Up 6
Had some ups and downs this week, but we are closing in on completing this sprint on schedule and ordering the last few parts for the Alphas!!
Added by J. Simmons 2 days ago

PY18 Sprint 2 Stand Up 5
Half way through the sprint and wrapping up some huge tasks, most related to manufacturing the Alphas. Still have lots to do though, so the next 4 weeks will be busy.
Added by J. Simmons 11 days ago

PY18 Sprint 2 Stand Up 4
Pushing to wrap up the last development tasks before assembling the Alpha units.
Added by J. Simmons 16 days ago

PY18 Sprint 2 Stand Up 3 (1 comment)
Another week, another glitch. But we are still making steady progress toward completing the Alpha builds.
Added by J. Simmons 23 days ago

PY18 Sprint 2 Stand Up 2
Final designs are coming together for the alpha hardware and business activities are also moving forward.
Added by J. Simmons about 1 month ago

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