Welcome to Holoseat!

Holoseat is an open source project of Model B, LLC that transforms your gaming from couch potato time to workout time. How does Holoseat do this? Just check out the video below to see for yourself.

Want to learn more? Well you came to the right place. From here you can follow our development process, post feedback, and even download the plans to build your own Holoseat. And don't forget to sign up for our newsletter to keep up with all the latest information about the Holoseat.

Holoseat is open source hardware. v0.3 is certified as open source hardware by OSHWA.

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Manager: J. Simmons
Developer: Bryan Christian

Terms of Service Signers: J. Simmons, Bryan Christian

Latest news

PY18 Sprint 4 Stand Up 0 (12 comments)
Initial commits for week 1 of Sprint 4.
Added by J. Simmons 9 months ago

PY18 Sprint 4 Planning (64 comments)
We have been in Kanban mode working to wrap up development of the Alpha Holoseat units. With SyndCon approaching, it is time to get back to running a sprint.
Added by J. Simmons 9 months ago

PY18 Sprint 2 Review and Retrospective (8 comments)
We had a great start and then got hit by external issues. We are working to address our bandwidth limitations.
Added by J. Simmons 11 months ago

PY18 Sprint 2 Stand Up 8 (belated) (18 comments)
So, we ran out of steam at the end of this sprint (J has been under the weather and traveling for work and Bryan has been busy with things at home). But, we have our PCBs now and are ready to begin assembly work.
Added by J. Simmons 12 months ago

PY18 Sprint 2 Stand Up 7 (30 comments)
With 1 week to go and more travel disruptions, there are a few PBIs we won't finish. But, it looks like this sprint will still be a success as we will have validated all of the physical components.
Added by J. Simmons 12 months ago

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