PY18 Sprint 2 Stand Up 7

With 1 week to go and more travel disruptions, there are a few PBIs we won't finish. But, it looks like this sprint will still be a success as we will have validated all of the physical components.
Added by J. Simmons 5 months ago

J's Report

  • Did
    • V04-13: Test the tone rings against the behavior of the existing 12 pole 3D printed design (at least same performance, but looking for faster response times and improved single stepping) - started work on converting new tone ring to tool-free design including 2 iterations; confirmed the basic idea will work, but need a mechanical latching connection instead of magnetic latching to make it stay on axle
    • V04-28: Design a housing in Fusion 360 for the sensor and TRRS jack (Sensor Housing) - verified sensor housing height is correct; just need to upload CAD files and this PBI will be done
  • Will do
    • SME-09: Publish at least one blog post in Feb - will get this blog post done
    • Review email to alpha testers
  • Blocked?
    • Not really, but about to be on travel for 7 days, so almost no capacity

Bryan's Report

  • Did
    • V04-23: Modify Adafruit Wing to handle the required components and have the necessary headers -
    • V04-25: Order initial test run of board for Wing - done!
    • V04-26: Assemble a test Wings to verify design (on proto-wing) - from a design standpoint, this is done; Bryan to wrap up soldering headers on J's board for dev purposes
    • BIZ-03: Work with Legal on Trademark Filing - got response back
    • BIZ-04: Work with legal on finalizing any updates to testing agreement - got response back
  • Will do
    • Finish J's proto-wing board soldering and ship components to J
    • BIZ-03: Work with Legal on Trademark Filing - publish updated logos
    • PIC-01: Submit application to Crowd Supply to see if they would be interested in Holoseat - start researching surface mount shops
  • Blocked?
    • none


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