PY18 Sprint 2 Review and Retrospective

We had a great start and then got hit by external issues. We are working to address our bandwidth limitations.
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Claiming Done

  • BIZ-01: Prep books for taxes
  • BIZ-06: Meet with SBDC Innovation and Commercialization Assistance Program
  • SME-08: Publish at least one blog post in Jan.
  • V04-22: Load Adafruit wing design into CircuitMaker
  • V04-23: Modify Adafruit Wing to handle the required components and have the necessary headers
  • V04-25: Order initial test run of board for Wing
  • V04-26: Assemble a test Wings to verify design (on proto-wing)
  • V04-28: Design a housing in Fusion 360 for the sensor and TRRS jack (Sensor Housing)
  • V04-58: Implement hardware versioning system that can be detected by Holoseat software
  • V10-03: Research sensor mount adhesives
  • V10-04: Test mount adhesive
  • V10-05: Select mount adhesive

Not Claiming Done

  • BIZ-02: Mid Year Planning - Review/Groom User Stories and Backlog*
  • BIZ-05: Communication Plan*
  • PIC-01: Submit application to Crowd Supply to see if they would be interested in Holoseat*
  • SME-09: Publish at least one blog post in Feb
  • V04-13: Test the tone rings against the behavior of the existing 12 pole 3D printed design (at least same performance, but looking for faster response times and improved single stepping)
  • V04-14: Select tone ring based on ease to adapt, costs, identical or faster response times, improved single step
  • V04-57: Implement about screen to include versions, licensing, and other required information for all major elements of the Holoseat (SW,HW,FW,HSP,REST API)


  • BIZ-03: Work with Legal on Trademark Filing
  • BIZ-04: Work with legal on finalizing any updates to testing agreement


What went well?

  • Sprint was going well (good pace and on target) until the last 3 weeks

What did not go well?

  • The last 3 weeks things almost came to a grinding halt (external issues overcame both J and Bryan)
  • Really concerned about all things communications (blog posts are still infrequent and we need to get the comms plan done!)

Note: we are very close to the SyndCon prep sprint

What can we do better?

  • Be ruthless about prioritizing tasks while we are ultra-bandwidth limited (highest priority is to ship the alphas)


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