Update for LNA production

The 20dB gain LNA (Low Noise Amplifier) is critical to the receive sensitivity of Ground Sphere, making the difference between a trace of a signal and AX-25 decode.
Added by Aaron Harper about 4 years ago

All parts are in to complete the first batch of production LNAs and we have completed the artwork for the solder mask (template). Tomorrow will be a warm enough day to etch the aluminum to create the template. Once it is verified both visually and with the production of a single unit, a small batch (about five units) will be made. This may happen as early as February 9th (Sunday).

The only part left for the Mk2 unit will be the 3D printed base. I expect this to be completed and delivered to Quelab by the 12th. I may have time this weekend to drive down to Quelab to pick up the base and deliver parts for them to build their own Ground Spheres, verifying the build instructions.