Update from Tim

Lots of news on SkyCube and NPS cubesats
Added by J. Simmons over 4 years ago

First, an update on our own launch. ORB-1 is now pushed back to December 17th, at 10:08 PM EST. Deets here: http://guestops.hq.nasa.gov
Scott & myself are both planning to be there.

Second, an update on ORS-3. I've heard from several sources that more than half of the 28 CubeSats launched on ORS-3 have not been heard from in space. (This comes to me independently from NPS, Pumpkin, and Spaceflight, so I tend to believe it.) This is an unusually high failure rate, and it's led to speculation that something went wrong with the deployment in space. You know as much as I know, now.

Unfortunately, one of the failures was Horus, the NPS Colony-2 satellite that has the same radio as SkyCube. It hasn't been heard from since launch. NPS has had intermittent contact with NPS-SCAT, but the problem there seems to be software/firmware instability that reboots the satellite frequently, preventing any kind of robust connection. On thursday last week, Gio told me they haven't heard from it for a week, and anyhow SCAT apparently downlinks at 2.2 GHz (S-band), contrary to what I'd ben told previously, so it's useless as a 915 MHz target.

So, this puts us back to only one possible (and difficult to test with) on orbit bird operating at 915 MHz. The Ground Sphere team will need to look at how this affects Testing. More news as it is available.