This is the home of the Mach 30 Technical Roadmap describing the technical path of open source spaceflight hardware required to support Mach 30's mission of "hastening the advancement of humanity into a spacefaring civilization."

We are currently working on version 1.0 of the roadmap. The Board of Directors requested the Mach 30 engineering community develop a roadmap focused on launch vehicle technology and free of export controlled projects to last 1+ years. This request supports the engineering community, the marketing team, and the Export Control Task Force (ECTF). The engineering community can use the roadmap for guidance in how it can best spend its time developing open source spaceflight hardware and to measure its progress. The marketing team gets a rallying point to share with Mach 30 fans, spaceflight enthusiasts, open source hardware developers, and makers. And the ECTF can rest assured the engineering community is not in impending danger of running afoul of export control regulations.

Please see the Wiki and Forums for more details on the development of the roadmap and for how you can join Mach 30 in developing and implementing it.

ad astra per civitatem - to the stars through community

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