Shepard Test Stand Disposal v1.1

According to the project requirements , the following guidelines must be followed when building, operating, and disposing of the test stand and/or its consumables.

STSR 11.1 Disposal of the spent Estes motors should conform to all local, state, and federal guidelines.
STSR 11.2 Electronic waste items, including batteries and circuit boards, must also be disposed of according to all local, state, and federal guidelines.
STSR 11.3 If the frame of the STS is damaged beyond repair during operation, proper disposal/recycling guidelines must be followed for the materials used in its construction.
STSR 11.4 Wherever possible, the STS design should make it as easy as possible to replace components which are consumable or relatively easy to damage.

Furthermore, under the section labeled "Disposal of standard Estes engines" here there are instructions for disposing of Estes motors properly.

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