v2.0 Shepard Test Stand - Prototype

over 10 years late (07/30/2013)

Base for the kit version of the Shepard Test Stand.


1 closed (10%)   9 open (90%)

v1.0 Shepard Test Stand - Prototype


2 closed (100%)   0 open (0%)

v1.0 Shepard Test Stand - Prototype

This version of the test stand is a prototype to not only teach us about the fundamentals of building a rocket motor test stand, but also about the process of building spaceflight related hardware with a geographically distributed team. Many lessons were learned in this version that will be rolled into future versions of Shepard and beyond.

v1.1 Shepard Test Stand - Prototype


6 closed (86%)   1 open (14%)

V1.1 Description

The second iteration of the Shepard rocket motor test stand. This is an incremental update over 1.0 where only the major issues are fixed, and the requirements are scaled back appropriately for the level of the project.

There was a little bit of a process breakdown on this version, so some version 2.0 DAQ documentation got mixed in with the version 1.1 docs. Because of this, the wiki and dev logs may be a little hard to follow but have been cleaned up as much as possible.

Please refer instead to the Shepard v2.0 documentation to make sure that you are building the latest iteration.

v2.1 Shepard Test Stand - Kit

The kit version of the Shepard Test Stand.

No issues for this version