V0.3 Description

Improved Prototype - this version of the Holoseat will apply lessons learned from the previous versions and work to make the Holoseat more robust in preparation for a production prototype. In particular, it will look into the use of Hall effect sensors in place of the reed switch and it will investigate the use of a desktop application to interact with the Holoseat to adjust the configuration and get feedback from the Holoseat controller. Specific development will include:

  • Testing the use of Hall effect sensors
  • Support for "reverse walking"
  • Support for "running" vs "walking" based on step rate in games which support two speeds of movement
  • Updated documentation including improved instructions (format, drawings from Fritzing instead of photos, etc)
  • Development of a desktop client (Windows only for this version) which will
    • Support updating the controller's firmware
    • Manage configuration (save defaults to the Holoseat controller, adjust live settings that reset to defaults on controller restart)
    • Holoseat activity reporting (number of steps in this session, this hour, this day, this week, this month, this year, “life”)
    • Potentially tie into website for badges, etc based on activity level and games played
    • Support weigh ins?

Items marked with a strike through were dropped in favor of completing v0.3 in time for SyndCon 2016.

Also available in: HTML TXT