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J. Simmons, 11/12/2017 02:37 am

Holoseat Serial Protocol


Note: Beginning with version 0.4.0, this document supersedes the material covered in Project Software.

The HoloSeat firmware has a serial protocol, the Holoseat Serial Protocol (HSP), to enable the desktop configuration app to modify all key parameters and to determine the current configuration of the Holoseat at runtime. It is laid out to mirror the REST API presented to Holoseat clients by the desktop application.

Serial Port Configuration

Field Value
Baud Rate 115200
Data Bits 8
Parity None
Stop Bit 1

Command Structure

Commands are sent as JSON strings with a message ID (may be an empty string, but must be present), a URI, an HTTP verb, and possibly arguments.

Note, the Holoseat Python serial library will insert a message ID if none is included. But users interacting directly with the serial port must include at least an empty message ID. This means that the message ID is optional from the app serial monitor and from the app libraries, but not the Arduino serial monitor.

TODO (fill this in more)

Low Level Commands

The low level commands are intended for development or low level communication use. These commands will not be reproduced in the Holoseat REST API.

Command Name URI Verb
Echo Current Events /lowlevel/events GET

Public Commands

The following commands mirror the REST API to implement the features of the REST API.

Command Name URI Verb
Get Device Name /main/devicename GET
{messageId":"ee764e45b0de469d9c949dc1c43beb1a","deviceName":"Holoseat Alpha"}
Get Version /main/version GET
Get Enabled State /main/enabled GET
Set Enabled State /main/enabled PUT
{"messageId":"ee764e45b0de469d9c949dc1c43beb1a","uri":"/main/enabled","verb":"PUT", "args":{"enabled":0}}

Also available in: HTML TXT