User's Guide

Welcome to the Holoseat. We hope it serves you as well as it has our development team (yes, we really use it). Please be sure share your experience online.

The User's Guide covers the set up and use of the Holoseat. It starts with the steps needed to prepare the Holoseat for first time use (First Time Setup). It then moves on to how to use the Holoseat hardware while playing your games (Operating Instructions). If you have questions, please reach out to us on our Support Forums.


  1. First Time Setup
  2. Operating Instructions

AssembledHoloseat_sm.jpg (53.5 kB) J. Simmons, 08/26/2018 10:36 pm

AssembledHoloseat_md.jpg (92.6 kB) J. Simmons, 08/26/2018 10:38 pm

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