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J. Simmons, 08/23/2013 08:40 pm

Software Source Code

Current Version

The current version of the Holoseat is based on How to build your own tachometer from Instructables. It runs on an Arduino Uno

It uses an interrupt to detect the reed switch events and then increments a counter. The main loop then determines the RPM and if it is above a given threshold, the Arduino triggers a pin which is wired to a transistor to close a circuit on a USB keyboard which presses the w key. When the RPM drops below the threshold, the pin is untriggered and the w key is no longer pressed.

Next Version

The next version of the Holoseat will run on an Arduino Leonardo

The Leonardo can directly emulate a keyboard, eliminating the need for the USB keyboard and the transistor. Instead, when the RPM passes the given threshold the Arduino will directly send the w key signal to the PC.

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