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Version 1 (J. Simmons, 08/23/2013 08:40 pm)

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h1. Software Source Code
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h2. Current Version
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The current version of the *Holoseat* is based on "How to build your own tachometer": from "Instructables":  It runs on an "Arduino Uno":
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It uses an interrupt to detect the reed switch events and then increments a counter.  The main loop then determines the RPM and if it is above a given threshold, the Arduino triggers a pin which is wired to a transistor to close a circuit on a USB keyboard which presses the *w* key.  When the RPM drops below the threshold, the pin is untriggered and the *w* key is no longer pressed.
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h2. Next Version
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The next version of the *Holoseat* will run on an "Arduino Leonardo":
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The Leonardo can directly emulate a keyboard, eliminating the need for the USB keyboard and the transistor.  Instead, when the RPM passes the given threshold the Arduino will directly send the *w* key signal to the PC.