Link Budget References

The resources pages are used as a central repository of technical research. This topic page covers research into Link Budgets. Link Budgets are critical tools in predicting the performance of radio based communications, including from satellites to ground stations. See the Background Material for details about how Link Budgets work.

Background Material

Example Calculations

Much of this material was reviewed with the stakeholders and the IPT at the Sprint 1 Stand Up 3 meeting

Online Forms

Online forms are useful for one off calculations, source code/math not necessarily available to Mach 30.


Spreadsheets require the correct software to run (typically MS Excel), but Mach 30 can investigate the implementation to use as a source for porting to Python library.

Selected Link Budget Source Document

The Ground Sphere Mk 3 team has decided to build its Python Link Budget library on the calculations used in the KickSat Ground Station Link Budget. This spreadsheet includes nearly all of the required transmission effects and has been verified by comparing its results to manual calculations.

Also available in: HTML TXT