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J. Simmons, 07/05/2016 05:23 pm


The Ground Sphere projects have a rich history at Mach 30, starting with a question from Mach 30 contributor Aaron Harper leading all the way to the current generation Ground Sphere intended for receiving signals from the International Space Station.

Mk 1

The Inspiration

<Aaron's story of asking the question that led to the first GS>

Revision 1

<Aaron's story of the first build (everything soldered together>. Why he chose the design he did, putting it together, and testing it>

Revision 2

<Aaron's story of the second build (screw terminals for the aerials, so we could ship it, a design decision that is still with us today). J's story of taking it to New Space 2013

Mk 2

<insert continued story (with photos and link to project) of the SkyCube GS>

Companion to SkyCube... Ground Sphere of Course

<discussion of updated requirements (focus on top level), new dimensions>

Building Mk 2

<discuss new build (use lots of pics, including from this blog post

Testing and SkyCube

<discuss test procedure (especially tests for signal reception). close with info from SkyCube updates

Mk 3

<insert story and goal of Mk 3 (with logo), happy hour, Perigee, etc>

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