Ground Sphere CubeSat Ground Station

User Manuals

End user manuals, including how to assemble from kit and operating instructions for predicting flyovers and receiving "space tweets".


Full OSHW project documentation - covers component acquisition and assembly, packaging of kits, and other project level documentation needed to replicate the Ground Sphere from source.

Systems Engineering Process

Full OSHW project design documentation - covers design from concept through final design.

  1. Initial Questions
  2. Requirements Document
  3. Block Diagram
  4. Budget
  5. Timeline
  6. Preliminary Design
  7. Detailed Design
  8. Design Review
  9. Procurement
  10. Manufacture
  11. Integration
  12. Testing
  13. Disposal
  14. Meeting Minutes/Notes
  15. Resources/Links

Also available in: HTML TXT