2017 Sprint 3 Plan

Sprint 3 of 2017 is underway. Check out the plan in this week's project news.
Added by J. Simmons about 1 year ago

We just wrapped up Sprint 2 (check out our Review and Retrospective) and are ready to start Sprint 3. With the successful completion of the HID research during Sprint 2, we are turning our full attention to preparations for SyndCon 2017.

Duration: 7 weeks
Stand Ups: Wednesday nights
Start: Jun 17, 2017
End: Aug 5, 2017

Backlog and Full Sprint Plan (see Backlog and Sprint 3 tabs)

Key Tasks
  • Finalizing the sensor configuration, utilizing wheel speed sensor and tone ring
  • Prep updated demo units
  • Prep demos (games, computers, displays, etc)
  • Design and make swag to give away at the con
  • Create the presentations for the main meeting and our panel
Pre-Sprint Commitments
  • J
    • Post sprint 3 plan on ODE
    • Ping Ingrid about requests for assistance with marketing tasks
  • Bryan
    • ping Jess about shirts and get her the design files for Holoseat logos
    • Investigate tone ring mounting options for Desk Cycle
    • Pull SyndCon attendance numbers


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