2017 Sprint 2 Review and Retrospective

Sprint 2 is complete; lots of great progress and we are ready for Sprint 3!
Added by J. Simmons over 2 years ago


Claiming Done

  • SYN-01: Contact D to open up conversation about Model B's presence at SyndCon (we are looking for booth/demo space, presentations, announcements in the SyndCon emails, etc)
  • BIZ-07: Submit paperwork to adjust ownership to the appropriate entities
  • DEV-07: Test Keyboard USB HID over Arduino
  • DEV-23: Test Nodejs then Johnny-Five in chiptainer enviroment to determine if we want to use chiptainer approach; note, testing lead to moving from Nodejs to Python and this PBI is claimed done for the Python implementation
  • DEV-24: Create Fritzing element for CHIP Pro; note, testing lead to adopting Circuit Maker, and this PBI is claimed done for Circuit Maker
  • DEV-25: Update Fritzing docs to migrate from CHIP to CHIP Pro (EagleCad?); note, testing lead to adopting Circuit Maker, this PBI is claimed done in Circuit Maker
  • DEV-26: Determine wiring to power CHIP Pro from Feather
  • DEV-27: Determine wiring to provide I2C between CHIP Pro and Feather
  • DEV-28: Develop Feather code to be I2C slave
  • DEV-29: Develop Johnny-Five code for CHIP Pro to be I2C master; note, testing lead to moving from Nodejs to Python and this PBI is claimed done for the Python implementation
  • DEV-30: Test master to slave and slave to master events between Feather and CHIP Pro

Not Claiming Done

  • BIZ-15: Contact A.G. to ask if he will be at SyndCon 2017 and if so ask for a meeting about financing Holoseat; Blocked: no response
  • CAMP-04: Send out emails to marketing volunteer prospects to determine their interest, availbility, and what they can do to help with marketing
  • DEV-19: Add hot key for enable/disable of Holoseat to v0.3 Configuration App for UX testing in prep to move controller down to the exercise equipment and remove separate sensor board; Deferred during sprint
  • DEV-31: Send out note to fans asking for input about hotkey vs button for enable/disable; OBE during sprint


What went well?

  • Recovered mid sprint from missing several stand ups
  • Had a last few week surge that was very productive
  • Theme of this sprint was "recovery" - like the stand ups, like identifying Node was not working and shifting focus to test python
  • Worked super well as a team this sprint
  • Finding Circuit Maker and adopting it over other options was a huge boon - let us actually complete schematics for v0.4
  • We did what had to be done as idenified at the sprint planning (specifically HID over USB)

What did not go well?

  • Missed several stand ups
  • Had some problems trying to keep up with external communications (like emails)
  • Hard to account for extra summer time projects
  • We have hit a capacity limit in how much can get done in a sprint

What can we do better?

  • Keep prioritizing stand ups, that is what saved us from a sad sprint
  • Prioritize external communications
  • Take the time to "pick the low hanging fruit"
  • Need to bring in more outside resources (including contract work) to increase capacity


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