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Feature #10: Modernize ODE theme

Change "Issues" to "Tickets"

Added by Christopher Sigman over 7 years ago. Updated over 7 years ago.

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It seems incorrect for the "Issues" tab to be called issues, and much more correct to call it "Tickets". One of the primary reasons for this is that what information is captured under that module are not all issues: features for example are not (always) issues, but nice-to-have's and things of a nature other than an issue. Another reason is that "Issue" has a negative connotation with it. Several places will need to be changed to reflect the update in nomenclature, and this should all be able to be accomplished by updating the .yaml files. Investigation should be done though into how one might change the labels through a plugin as opposed to the .yaml files.


Updated by Jeremy Wright over 7 years ago

Will this cause any issues with plugins that expect to see an "Issues" module?

Updated by Christopher Sigman over 7 years ago

No. Since we'll only be changing the labels (which are specific to the languages like English or Italian), the code itself won't be affected.

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