Feature #135

Feature #10: Modernize ODE theme

Ability to Set Aliases for Module Tab Names

Added by Jeremy Wright over 7 years ago. Updated over 7 years ago.

Status:In Progress Start date:06/24/2013
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The DMSF module has a non descriptive name that's confusing for people who come to a page looking for information. It would be nice to be able to set aliases for tab names so that ambiguity could be cleared up. I would think this would have to be done on a site-wide administrative level though. Otherwise every project would have their own, possibly incompatible, names for the DMSF plugin.


Updated by Christopher Sigman over 7 years ago

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In the work I've been doing on creating a look and feel for ODE, I've been sort-of cheating in changing the names of things by using the CSS in the template to do this. I've also made the "modernize ODE theme" issue as this tasks parent. It's not the best way to do this, but it will be a much quicker and simpler change. When the look and feel is deployed, this issue should be put on hold and act as a marker to look into doing it the right way (i.e. the ability to change the name of these labels without necessarily changing the code).

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