Bug #124

Enhanced wiki formatting

Added by J. Simmons about 10 years ago. Updated over 9 years ago.

Status:New Start date:03/22/2013
Priority:Normal Due date:
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Target version:Under consideration


Would like to be able to change font foreground and background colors (for highliting, etc).


Updated by Jeremy Wright about 10 years ago

Source code highlighting (within the pre tag) would be nice too. If it was a system that allowed users to create highlight templates and contribute them, such as is done with many of the code editors out there, it would help a lot. We could maybe just add the ability to parse highlight templates from a popular open source editor as well.

I would also like to see this enhanced wiki formatting carry over to everything (News feeds included), the same way the standard wiki formatting seems to now.

Updated by J. Simmons over 9 years ago

Notes from discussion with Chris
  • Chris would like to add a WYSIWIG editor (for example CKEditor), but would prefer the editor supported wiki syntax instead of html
  • CKEditor (while unfortunately working in html) would address this issue and then some
  • J - ditto to wiki syntax editor

Conclusion - need to do some research and testing before we can really estimate this work; the bigger question is do we just want to add a couple of mark up tags or really address the UI and general usability of text editing in ODE

  • J - until there is a clear editor that will work the way we want (that is with wiki syntax), it is hard to say what we should do here

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