Notes on updating wiki for new versioning scheme

Added by J. Simmons over 6 years ago

The new Versioning Scheme requires updates to the structure and content of the project wiki. This thread will serve as my running notes on those updates.

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RE: Notes on updating wiki for new versioning scheme - Added by J. Simmons over 6 years ago

  • HW patches to be called Revisions (so hardware only gets major version number)
  • On version pages
    • 1 per major version
    • Include toc
    • Divided by Intro, HW, SW, FW sections (h1 headings)
    • Intro section covers the core features of this version of the product and link to licensing page
    • HW/SW/FW sections divide into sub-sections for each release (h2 heading, in reverse order). For SW/FW they are further broken down by sub-sub headings (h3) for patch releases (also in reverse order)
    • All of these sections contain release notes, download links for installers, operating instructions, assembly instructions, design data designated with bold headings to avoid additional entries in toc
  • Wiki navigation
    • Top level structure
      • Product data (follow version page structure minus the versions themselves - always pointing to head); includes licensing, versions, and vid/pid pages
      • Project management - sprints, etc
      • Resources - research, useful links, etc
  • Testing out new structure
    • Update versioning scheme page with notes from above
    • Verify order of hw/sw/fw sections from About page in app
    • Create a Releases page (this will be the term for identifying the collective versioning of the product) listing the release history replaces the legacy versions page)
    • Identify previous versions to document in new scheme
      • v0 (2014) Leonardo+reed switch implementation (formally known as v0.2)
      • v0 (2016) Feather+custom hall effect sensor implementation (formally known as v0.3)
      • v0 (2017) Feather+wheel speed sensor prototype (formally known as v0.3.5 or v0.4 prototype)
    • Create pages for old releases (copying content from doc and description pages)
    • Deprecate old version pages (create a resources page for list of deprecated pages)
    • Create page for v1
    • Update wiki nav