2016 Sprint 3 Thread

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Contains stand ups, review, retrospective, etc for third sprint of 2016.

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RE: 2016 Sprint 3 Thread - Added by J. Simmons almost 8 years ago

Pre-Week 1 commitments

  • J
    • Will do - BIZ-13 (fix addresses @ bank) then BIZ-04 when addresses propogate (buy domain name, finally)
  • Bryan
    • Will do - BIZ-10 (set up expense tracking form); time permitting work on BIZ-09

RE: 2016 Sprint 3 Thread - Added by J. Simmons almost 8 years ago

Week 1 Stand Up

  • J
    • Did - BIZ-13 (fix addresses @ bank) then BIZ-04 when addresses propogate (buy domain name - ModelB.biz)
    • Will do - set up email address for bank then register it, conduct hardware inventory for test hardware (including checking ERP reports), get Rpi set up for testing (proof = LED blink from NodeJS on RPi)
    • Blocks? - none
  • Bryan
    • Did - BIZ-10 (set up expense tracking form)
    • Will do - as much of the rest of the accounting as I can, pull inventory qty info for J from ERP, send list of questions to J regarding reoccurring vs 1 time fees
    • Blocks? - none

RE: 2016 Sprint 3 Thread - Added by J. Simmons almost 8 years ago

Week 2 Stand Up

  • J
    • Did - set up the email address and registered it at the bank, did the inventory, got RPi set up for testing (I can blink an LED), and broke down the next several of steps in my task
    • Will do - tasks 1-3 for sure, time permitting task 4
    • Blocked? - under the weather and going to a con next weekend so the next two weeks will be short weeks
  • Bryan
    • Did - continued to work on the accounting, but still not quite done; working to import J's descriptions of items into the ERP; did not get the list of questions to J
    • Will do - seriously, finish the accounting work and send J the questions regarding recurring vs 1 time fees; will try to knock out HW-17 (getting the feather to talk to the bluetooth module instead of the pass through approach we demo'ed earlier)
    • Blocked? - none

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Weeek 3 stand up

  • J
    • Did = everything I said (plus video evidence)
    • Will do = not much, con + work travel is going to have me blocked; will try to do what I can of my task breakdown
    • Blocked = con + biz travel
  • Bryan
    • did accounting work, research on HW-17
    • Will do: Update accounting as necessary, HW-17
    • blocked: None, other than usual life stuff; but no obvious ones

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Week 4 stand up

  • J
    • Did - none (as anticipated)
    • Will do - going to do my best to demo reading values from hall effect sensor on the Pi (this involves code and electronics, it is the last real challenge to getting the test programs going); while on trip will look at any tutorials that make sense to review so I can push hard on the testing when I get back; might take a day off when I get back to wrap up the testing
    • Blocked? - going to be gone for a full week of travel so won't have access to hardware to work on it after Sun (and I have commitments Sun, so really only have through Sat to work this week)
  • Bryan
    • Did - accounting updated (took way longer than expected)
    • Will do - HW-17 !!!
    • Blocked? - none

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Week 5 stand up (held over IM, belatedly logging on forums)

  • J
    • Did - tasks 4&5 (demo sensors and ???). Also drafted test plan and test description file format
    • Will do - finish all testing
    • Blocked? - once I get home none and taking Mon off to ensure I finish
  • Bryan
    • Did - find out previous work is no longer working for some reason
    • Will do - Tear apart libs and trace code to figure out how to rebuild it
    • Blocked? - Cat been very sick and needing more care. Shouldn't be a huge issue, but could be if he takes a turn for the worse

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Week 6 stand up

  • J
    • Did - Wrote test scripts (a couple require some tweaking during DOE execution, but that is on plan for running the DOE), believe we can claim done on HW-09.
    • Will do - n/a
    • Blocked? - was blocked over the weekend, got stuck on travel and could not really work on this at all over the weekend (note, I had planned to wrap it up over the weekend)
  • Bryan
    • Did - went through the bluetooth code, found what was wrong and fixed it; back to where we were at the end of last sprint in terms of bluetooth; also wasted lots of time troubleshooting bluetooth receiver for laptop and it still doesn't work; need to replace it
    • Will do - n/a
    • Blocked? - omg the bluetooth receiver must bee replaced!

Sprint 3 Review

Claiming Done

  • BIZ-04
  • BIZ-09
  • BIZ-13
  • BIZ-14
  • BIZ-10
  • BIZ-01
  • HW-09

Not Done

  • HW-19
  • HW-18
  • HW-17
  • HW-10

Other Notes

  • Need to spec Win 10 compatible bluetooth receiver before this weekend; J will order one for each of us asap! (would be nice if it was available on amazon)
  • Going to wait a few days (maybe until next Thur) before next sprint planning cycle
  • J fully expects that HW-09 (the testing for sensors and magnets) will be done over that break and that might also give us HW-01 before planning
  • Bryan will also continue working on things over the break (esp HW-17)
  • J noted that the next sprint will need to close out with something to take to Con
  • Need to add a PBI to write the Fritzing doc(s) for the test rig electronics


What we did well?

  • Despite lots of travel interruptions, we managed to hold all of our stand ups (which is a huge improvement over last sprint)
  • We closed out all of the BIZ PBIs on the sprint!! (big improvement over last sprint)
  • Very happy with how the test rig development has progressed (especially the rhythm of breaking things down to bite sized chunks, document, build cycle)
  • We recovered pretty well from all the snags of last sprint
  • We made progress despite tech glitches (see bluetooth)
  • Used multimedia well as evidence of progress in test rig development

What didn't go well?

  • Continuing to have issues with personal life time management
  • Bluetooth completely stopped working! So we had to back track and regain lost ground in this area.
  • We might still be slightly over committing/underestimating some task sizes

What can we do better next time?

  • We need to be a little more careful about just trusting vendors that we like (the bluetooth receiver is the best example of this), aka research components better!!!
  • Try an 8 week sprint but make sure we continue to scope sprints the same way we have been to accommodate the travel and work disruptions that make working on the hardware difficult
  • Bryan will spend more time studying the arduino libraries and examples to get up to speed on that platform -> this is a specific variation of "Make sure to fully process tutorials and documentation for new modules we are using (old but relevant)"
  • Account better for external time commitments (personal life, work, etc) (old but relevant)