2016 Sprint 2 Thread

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Contains stand ups, review, retrospective, etc for second sprint of 2016.

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RE: 2016 Sprint 2 Thread - Added by J. Simmons about 8 years ago

Pre-Week 1 commitments

  • J
    • Will do - on BIZ-02 will call DC government about the block on Fri; on HW-10 will order the Pi on personal money with lowest cost shipping option
  • Bryan
    • Will do - on BIZ-07 will be ready to present findings for decision on first stand up

RE: 2016 Sprint 2 Thread - Added by J. Simmons about 8 years ago

Week 1 Stand Up

  • J
    • Did - tried to order RPi kit from AdaFruit, but they sold out while we were on the phone and are not restocked yet (signed up for restock notification); called DC govt and was on hold for 30 minutes before I had to get back to work
    • Will do - on BIZ-02 will call DC government again about the block on Fri; on HW-10 will order the Pi on personal money with lowest cost shipping option as soon as it becomes available and will document the testing phases and th phase 1 description
    • Blocked? - AdaFuit RPi kit we want is out of stock; still unable to reach DC govt about paperwork we filed
  • Bryan
    • Did - reviewed accounting software (emphasis on free tools with no server requirement); the only one that supports manufacturing won't scale well at all; need more time to research server based options (switching systems is a huge burden - trying to avoid that)
    • Will do - Continue with accounting software research as noted above
    • Blocked? - none (just haven't found the right tool yet)

RE: 2016 Sprint 2 Thread - Added by J. Simmons about 8 years ago

Week 2 Stand Up

  • J
    • Did - called and called DC government (got hung up on after 30 min wait), received instructions on how to file this electronically ; also wrote out my testing plan (still in Evernote)
    • Will do - finally file FR-500 electronically order a Pi kit (see blocked section); move testing plan from Evernote to wiki/forums; after that plan to do a few more nodebots tutorials to prep for implementing the tests
    • Blocked? - still no Pi kits at AdaFruit, thinking we should switch to another vendor due to timing - What about this Sparkfun kit??
  • Bryan
    • Did - after further review of software for accounting, pretty happy with ERP Next, it is slightly overkill for now, but its manufacturing support looks like it will be helpful if/when we go into manufacturing; big questions at this point are to give the accounting a real test drive and want to figure out how to track the pre-incorporation purchases (J has planned on counting them as company resources); have been designing the account structure (going to use a coded account set to keep projects independent);
    • Will do - set up account structure in ERP Next (needs to know where to look for part info for things that need to go into the system) and other accounting work
    • Blocked? -

RE: 2016 Sprint 2 Thread - Added by J. Simmons about 8 years ago

Week 3 Stand Up

  • J
    • Did - Ordered RPi kit (need to see if it is here yet), transferred my test plan to Forum post; did not get to file the FR-500 (had a higher priority life thing come up)
    • Will do - File FR-500, watch for confirmation of FR-500 so I can file last paperwork, and will will complete one at least one of two tutorials for nodebots
    • Blocked? - none
  • Bryan
    • Did - set up account structure, still bootstrapping the data in the accounts (item creation is time consuming, but still approve of the tool), may need J to help clean up item descriptions for items he purchased under old LLC and still need to decide on a couple items whether they are inventory or capital (Bryan will provide J with a spreadsheet to update); considering revamping item tree structure to have it very well broken down (this is a sorting mechanism) - J thinks breaking things down by project, R&D vs main materials, etc;
    • Will do - update some of item tree structure and other accounting systems (getting nervous about the amount of work taken on for this sprint)
    • Blocked? - none (time will be tight this week)

RE: 2016 Sprint 2 Thread - Added by J. Simmons about 8 years ago

Week 4 Stand Up

  • J
    • Did - Really ordered RPi Kit (see forums), filed FR-500 and last form, started the bank account work, did some of the tutorials for Node.js
    • Will do - complete tutorials for Node.js and see what I can in terms of getting the RPi set up
    • Blocked? - time is tight as we come to the end of the sprint (work and Mach 30)
  • Bryan
    • Did - finished getting all items into the ERP system and moved things to R&D warehouse; and got everything separated by project as well;
    • Will do - try to get the numbers in so we are ready for the bank account info when it is ready (may try some of this from iPad to test out the iOS client); will also dump item list to a spreadsheet for J to review
    • Blocked? - scheduling may be a challenge (on vacation)

RE: 2016 Sprint 2 Thread - Added by J. Simmons almost 8 years ago

The long overdue final stand up, review, and retrospective for Sprint 2

Stand Up

  • J
    • Did - completed all but one tutorial in prep for writing test code; researched RPi distros and decided to use Ubuntu Mate got bank account set up and moved money to it (still need to turn on online banking); closed old LLC; got LLC credit card
    • Will do - n/a
    • Blocked - n/a
  • Bryan
    • Did - had started the journal entries to import data into the ERP system, but discovered a mistake, so backing them out now; need the old LLC accounting info (amount transferred); will need to redo this step again per docs; otherwise accounting stuff is set up; created an inventory spreadsheet for J to review
    • Will do - n/a
    • Blocked - n/a

Sprint 2 Review

Claiming done

  • BIZ-03
  • BIZ-07
  • BIZ-08
  • BIZ-02

Not done

  • BIZ-04
  • BIZ-09
  • BIZ-10
  • BIZ-12
  • HW-18
  • HW-17
  • HW-19
  • HW-09
  • HW-10

Other notes

  • BIZ-11 marked OBE because it really was premature to take that on, will put this back on the backlog for when we are actually bringing in money
  • BIZ-10 - Bryan's current thought is to create a Google Form to file expenses with and routinely process the resulting spreadsheet - during sprint planning discuss PBI for this form
  • BIZ-12 - Bryan discovered using the ERP for this is not a workable solution


What we did well?

  • Getting very close to wrapping up the primary BIZ objectives for early work
  • Quality of work and docs for the sensor testing is very high
  • Getting more confident with the accounting software (feel this is the right package long term, but has a steep learning curve)

What didn't go well?

  • Time management in personal lives
  • Over committed (and we knew it, what were we thinking?)
  • We failed to meet regularly and that broke the whole process
  • We missed lots of PBIs this sprint
  • Over estimated J's readiness to code up the test harness
  • Under estimated how much time it would take Bryan to get comfortable with the ERP

What can we do better next time?

  • Make sure to fully process tutorials and documentation for new modules we are using (old but relevant)
  • Be careful about taking on PBIs that play to our weaknesses, plan for longer times to complete when taking those PBIs (old but relevant)
  • Account better for external time commitments (personal life, work, etc)
  • Protect the stand up meeting time