Browser support and testing

Added by J. Simmons almost 11 years ago

An interesting (and somewhat tardy) question came up the other day during a demo of ODE, namely "What browsers should the site officially support (and by extension what browsers must ODE tests be run in before a version can be accepted as ready for production use)?" By extension, this also brings up the question of how we should be testing (currently features are manually tested, but the test plan is not rigorously documented). Clearly these are questions we should have already addressed, but in the run up to just get features working, they got overlooked. So here we are answering them now.

To answer the question, we need to determine the combination of browsers, versions, and platforms we will test the site against at each release (and discuss the level of testing required to publish a release). Obviously, a larger list of supported browsers means greater access for users, but also means more complicated and longer testing. So, let's hash things out in this thread and see what we come up with (note, there is no mobile skin on the current version of ODE, so for now, we may want to skip testing on mobile devices).

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RE: Browser support and testing - Added by Jeremy Wright almost 11 years ago

What about testing ODE with a browser compatibility service that we decide we can trust, and then using that as a baseline? We know we need to support current main-stream browsers, but beyond that a compatibility test will show us which older (and fringe) browsers would be easy to support with simple changes, and what ones are just too much trouble to support. For now we can just let the difficulty level of supporting a browser guide us.

RE: Browser support and testing - Added by J. Simmons almost 11 years ago

That is an interesting service. I had not heard of it before. I imagine that it requires access to a live public site, so we might need to look at setting up a QA copy of ODE for compatibility testing before releases.