Under consideration

Features that have not been assigned to a specific version.


2 closed (5%)   35 open (95%)

v0.2.1 - Public Beta Enhancements


9 closed (69%)   4 open (31%)

v0.2.1 - Public Beta Enhancements

This is an interim release to capture issues which were preventing v0.2 - Public Beta from launching. These issues are centered around adding version control systems and refining plugins developed for v0.2 - Public Beta.

v0.3 - Sustainability Enhancements


2 closed (13%)   13 open (87%)

v0.3 - Sustainability Enhancements

The goal of v0.3 is to grow ODE from its current beta state to a vibrant and self-sustaining open source hardware community. To accomplish this goal, we will focus development efforts on obtaining IT support for features such as integrated git support, updating the visual aspects of the site to enhance the usability of the site, growing the user base through advertising and messaging, and developing multiple income streams to sustainably fund ODE.

v0.4 - Wiki Enhancements


2 closed (50%)   2 open (50%)

v0.4 - Wiki Enhancements

This version will focus on adding features to the ODE wiki system. New features will include a templating engine that will support sharing templates with the ODE community, new formatting options, and better export support.