• Far Horizons Project (Mach30-ODP | Apache-2.0 | CC BY)

    Far Horizons is a program of Adler Planetarium in Chicago, IL, USA. One project of Far Horizons is a High Altitude Balloon (HAB) platform which affords researchers of all ages access to "near space" with a maximum altitude of approximately 100,000 feet (30480 meters). The Far Horizons HAB platform is being documented here in the hopes that it will facilitate the experiments of other people with an interest in HAB use and research....

  • Ground Sphere CubeSat Ground Station (Mach30-ODP | Apache-2.0 | CC BY)

    Implementation of Mach 30 ground station prototypes optimized to listen to "tweets" from space broadcast by Southern Stars CubeSat the SkyCube.


    • Ground Sphere CadQuery CAD (Mach30-ODP | Apache-2.0 | CC BY-SA)

      This is an experiment to see how (and if) CadQuery can be used to create a parametric model of Ground Sphere that varies solely based on the frequency.

    • Ground Sphere Test Transmitter (Mach30-ODP | Apache-2.0 | CC BY-SA)

      This is a test rig for the Ground Sphere Ground Station to do a "smoke test" which will ensure correct general operation of the station's hardware.

  • Ground Sphere Mk 3 (Mach30-ODP | CC BY)

    Ground Sphere Mk 3 is the 2016 Mach 30 development project. Our mission objective is to listen to radio signals from NASA's International Space Station. Since the project began, we’ve learned that this HAM radio downlink was all but shut down, except for large pre-coordinated events with NASA. While that’s unfortunate, our system is “reconfigurable” and we’re now testing it by downlinking images from NOAA weather satellites. ...

  • Ground Station (GPLv3 | CC BY-SA | Mach30-ODP)

    This project begins with the ability to work amateur radio satellites and ISS, but moves to improve reliability and capability. Once fully equipped, it is mobile and capable of working and tracking unknown satellites as well as cross patching between satellites and terrestrial resources....

    • Computer Hardware and Software (Mach30-ODP | GPLv3 | CC BY-SA)

      Use a Raspberry Pi or PC to run GPredict for radio frequency control (doppler compensation) and AOS / LOS event scheduling. See for files or on Raspberry Pi or other Linux distro use the version in the distro's software repository. More info on GPredict can be found at The manual is in this sub-project documents section. For info about running GPredict on Raspberry Pi see

    • Operator Licensing (Mach30-ODP | GPLv3 | CC BY-SA)

      The goal is to get operators of the ground station licensed. Study guides for FCC technician class radio operator's license are available at as well ad the documents section of this project.

    • Radio Selection (Mach30-ODP | GPLv3 | CC BY-SA)

      Select and purchase dual band 5W handheld transceiver (HT) from the radios which support GPredict tuning for doppler adjustment. See the appendix of the GPredict user manual in the Computer Hardware and Software Section (gs-005) for the list of tested models....

    • Upgrading the Antennas (Mach30-ODP | GPLv3 | CC BY-SA)

      This project is to create an azimuth and elevation (Az-El) tracking mount compatible with GPredict's output, high gain directional circular polarized antenna array and either mount this to a building, vehicle, or tripod for use in satellite communications....

  • Groundstation v.2.0 (Mach30-ODP | GPLv3 | CC BY-SA)

    A small portable ground station with directional antennas and a motorized Azimuth Elevation mount.

    The assumption will be that the user already has a computer and 2-way Ham transceiver, so focus will be on the remaining hardware and software.

  • Holoseat (CERN-OHL | GPLv3 | CC BY-SA)

    Welcome to Holoseat!

    Holoseat is an open source project of Model B, LLC that transforms your gaming from couch potato time to workout time. How does Holoseat do this? Just check out the video below to see for yourself.


    • Holoseat Test Stand (CERN-OHL | GPLv3 | CC BY-SA)

      The Holoseat Test Stand is a development and manufacturing resource for Model B's Holoseat. Developers can use it to simulate user activities in predictable and repeatable testing. And the manufacturing team can use the test stand to verify the key sub-systems (sensor, tone ring, and controller) are assembled correctly and work according to their specifications....

  • Mach 30 Technical Roadmap (Mach30-ODP | CC BY)

    This is the home of the Mach 30 Technical Roadmap describing the technical path of open source spaceflight hardware required to support Mach 30's mission of "hastening the advancement of humanity into a spacefaring civilization."

    We are currently working on version 1.0 of the roadmap. The Board of Directors requested the Mach 30 engineering community develop a roadmap focused on launch vehicle technology and free of export controlled projects to last 1+ years. This request supports the engineering community, the marketing team, and the Export Control Task Force (ECTF). The engineering community can use the roadmap for guidance in how it can best spend its time developing open source spaceflight hardware and to measure its progress. The marketing team gets a rallying point to share with Mach 30 fans, spaceflight enthusiasts, open source hardware developers, and makers. And the ECTF can rest assured the engineering community is not in impending danger of running afoul of export control regulations....

  • Make Workbenches (CC BY)

    This project is a series of workbenches and other workshop furniture inspired by the workbenches in the Wilderness Workshop article in Make 23. The furniture in the project is sturdy, affordable, and easy to assemble. The current plans include four foot square work tables, and four foot wide benches that go against the wall to for fixed placed power tools....

  • Mathematics Tool Kit (Mach30-ODP | CC BY)

    Mach 30 believes documentation is essential to creating high quality engineering analysis and that integrating documentation steps into the engineering process is the key to ensuring documentation is created and maintained. The Mathematics Tool Kit (MTK) is a unified engineering analysis and documentation tool created to address these needs. ...

  • Museum Audio Button (Mach30-ODP | Apache-2.0 | CC BY)

    A project to enable playback of a prerecorded audio message for museum exhibits when users push a button. It uses an Arduino Uno and an Adafruit Wave Shield Developed by Dayton Diode on behalf of the Boonshoft Museum of Discovery....

  • Open Design Engine (GPLv2)

    Welcome to the Open Design Engine (ODE) project. This project is the development hub for the software running on ODE is based on the open source software Redmine and is licensed under the GNU General Public License v2 (GPL)....

    • Allow Private Projects Plugin (GPLv2)

      Redmine plugin to allow administrators to restrict the ability to create private projects on a per user basis.

  • Open Source Electrical Motor Generator

    The Electric Motor serves the function of converting electrical energy into mechanical energy and vice-versa.

    Most electric motors operate through the interaction of magnetic fields and current-carrying conductors to generate force. The reverse process, producing electrical energy from mechanical energy, is done by generators such as an alternator or a dynamo; some electric motors can also be used as generators....

  • Pedal Bus (TAPR-OHL | CC BY-SA)

    This is space for GR Makers to work on a pedal powered vehicle. Two to four people please.... Sorry fourteen.... Should have called pedal bus.

  • Plant Respiration Test Aparatus (Mach30-ODP | GPLv3 | CC BY-SA)

    This project is a test rig to monitor and record plant respiration rates under varying conditions. Light, temperature, nutrients, gas mix, and pressure can be adjusted to chart the effects on the plant and it's ability to convert CO2 to oxygen. The goal of the experiment this device enables is to create a parametric database of plants and their ability to provide oxygen under various conditions. This dataset will be pivotal in the deployment of agriculture in colonies on other worlds, and has much to contribute to terrestrial agriculture as well....

    • Climate control assembly (Mach30-ODP | GPLv3 | CC BY-SA)

      This project focuses on control and powering of a peltier junction with an H-bridge motor controller and control using a uC to interpret commands sent via serial bus. The effort is to create a self contained climate control module which will fit inside an 8" schedule-40 PVC end cap which will seal airtight....

    • Command & Control System (Mach30-ODP | GPLv3 | CC BY-SA)

      This system is based on the Raspberry Pi and communicates with all uCs running subsystems (21 in all for a 6 tank system), display the data, and transmit commands from an HTML5 web page. This page can be displayed on an HDMI monitor attached to the Pi directly for monitoring the dashboard (http://localhost) as well as transmitted via a wireless AP for use on tablets and smart phones. The AP will handle encryption and authentication....

    • Consolidated Gas Sensor Assembly (Mach30-ODP | GPLv3 | CC BY-SA)

      This project is to construct a self contained gas sensor module to be mounted in a small gas line. The sensors must include CO2, O2, and CH4 (methane) as well as temperature and pressure to properly compensate the readings. A small uC will control and read the sensors, reporting the data on the serial bus when polled....

    • Ebb and Flow Control (Mach30-ODP | GPLv3 | CC BY-SA)

      Two pumps are required by the experiment, one to supply the nutrient solution, and one to remove it, since the growth chambers will be under pressure or vacuum. This project is to build the 3D printed peristaltic pumps connected to Nema14 stepper motors. These will be controlled by a small uC which receives instructions from a serial bus....

    • Gas Mixture Assembly (Mach30-ODP | GPLv3 | CC BY-SA)

      This project will take gasses from 3 industrial bottles (O2, CO2, and N2) and mix it at a precise ratio stored in an intermediate pressure tank. To test the mixture, a blow off valve puts the premixed gas through a consolidated gas sensor assembly (isr-003). the blow off valve may also be used to empty the premix tank. Expanded to include other gas mixtures, this system may be used to test a plant's ability to survive alien or polluted atmospheres....

    • Growth Chambers (Mach30-ODP | GPLv3 | CC BY-SA)

      Using commonly available schedule 40 PVC components, growth chambers may be made in varying height and widths from 8 to 24 inches. These may be connected to a tee using a 1/2 inch bulkhead fitting and pex tubing, from there connected to two 1/2" to 3/4 manifolds for ebb and flow of the nutrient solution. These double as feet to keep the assembly stable. At the top a standard Par38 LED DMX stage light is installed to provide light in varying spectra and intensity for the experiment. All connectors should be sealed air tight....

    • Pressure / Vacuum Control (Mach30-ODP | GPLv3 | CC BY-SA)

      This project is to enable a small uC to control a vacuum pump and gas valve to maintain a set pressure. The unit will use a vacuum and pressure sensor to determine conditions and maintain it. Controlled by a serial port, the unit will allow direct pulse control of the gas valve to purge the gas mix in the growth tanks....

  • Power/Temp Monitor and Control System (EPS/ECLSS) (Mach30-ODP | GPLv3 | CC BY-SA)

    This is a temperature and power monitoring system for the radio/battery cabinets on wireless internet service providers (WISP) repeaters. Other uses of this project are satellite and HAB payloads. Attention will be paid to make the project multi-role, but not at the expense of the primary stakeholders (WISPs)....

  • Pyrometer (Mach30-ODP | Apache-2.0 | CC BY-SA)

    This instrument is a method of measuring and displaying the discharge exhaust temperature of a rocket engine for future versions of the Shepard Test Stand and other uses.

  • RFCase (CERN-OHL | GPLv2 | CC BY-SA)
  • Rover (Mach30-ODP | GPLv3 | CC BY-SA)

    An autonomous or controlled exploration robot capable of varied and rugged terrain. It will have modular instrument bays for scientific payloads

    • LIDAR and guidance (collision avoidance) system (Mach30-ODP | GPLv3 | CC BY-SA)

      Simplified low resolution LIDAR (LIght Detection and Ranging) using fixed opto emitters and detectors. This project will include real time data processing, slope detection, obstacle detection, and object tracking.

    • Rover Communication Module (CDHS) (Mach30-ODP | GPLv3 | CC BY-SA)

      Modular communications module. In terrestrial configuration (testing), the module will contain 5w VHF APRS radio and 2.4 GHz ISM band transceiver for control and data telemetry. The design should take into account the eventual use in space.

    • Rover Data Processing System (Mach30-ODP | GPLv3 | CC BY-SA)

      This modular data processing module should be capable of coordination between modules, datalogging, and communications with the communications module (rover-005) with local storage of data from all modules and payload assemblies. Attention should be paid to where it will eventually serve and for how long (space, and years respectively)....

    • Rover Frame (Mach30-ODP | GPLv3 | CC BY-SA)

      Modular aluminum chassis with suspension to accept wheel and tire assemblies (rover-002), load two payload modules fore and aft(rover-010), mount power system (rover-008), navigation control (rover-007), main DPS (rover-006), communications (rover-005), and lidar module (rover-003), as well as accept modular manipulator arms (rover-009) mounted to the sides near the front. The concept is to make a rugged rover capable of any terrain. The payload modules are remotely ejectable to allow payload placement in a specific location....

    • Rover Generic Manipulator (TAPR-OHL | Mach30-ODP | GPLv3 | CC BY-SA)

      This project is for manipulators which mount on the side bulkheads near the front, though more manipulators may be mounted on any hard point. The concept is to allow the rover to pick up items for later inspection and return and manipulate it's environment. Later, specific tools may be added to gather more data or perform specialized tasks....

    • Rover Modular Payload Bay (Mach30-ODP | GPLv3 | CC BY-SA)

      This project is to construct payload modules for the rover which fit the frame and perform specific tasks. They may be swapped out to equip the rover for other jobs. The first couple of payloads should be a high res camera on a pan tilt zoom mount with environmental sensors and a cargo bay for sample storage. These payloads are a standard form factor, which may be "borrowed" from cubesats, and will have common power and data connection schemes for full interchangeability....

    • Rover Navigation Module (Mach30-ODP | GPLv3 | CC BY-SA)

      This module will maintain and report position based upon wheel rotation, inertial navigation system (INS), and in terrestrial applications, GPS. Wheel slip, inclination, location, and other data will be reported to the DPS system (rover-006) as data. Goal is to make a autonomous trip over 8-10 miles of rugged and sandy terrain....

    • Rover Power module (Mach30-ODP | GPLv3 | CC BY-SA)

      Project is for a compact power generation and storage system which is modular and may be switched between solar and RTG as needed. The terrestrial configuration (test) will focus on solar power and storage in LiPo or LiFE cells. Control system handles module switching and power up sequencing as well as monitoring current draw on a per system basis....

    • Wheel and tire assembly (Mach30-ODP | GPLv3 | CC BY-SA)

      This is a scalable wheel assembly for extraterrestrial exploration vehicles with excellent traction, flotation, and durability in rocky, packed regolith, or fine dust surfaces. The objective is to provide rovers and crew vehicles the ability to scale aggressive grades at a higher speed, enabling greater exploration with greater safety. ...

  • Sandbox (GPLv3)

    Sandbox project to allow users to test ODE features.

  • Scanning Tunnelling Microscope (CERN-OHL | GPLv3 | GFDL)

    The design and construction of an ambient air Scanning Tunnelling Microscope. The ultimate goal is to develop a device capable of imaging and lithography with atomic resolution.

    If you're unfamiliar with the Scanning Tunnelling Microscope, an excellent place to start is the Wikipedia entry:

  • Shepard Test Stand (Mach30-ODP | Apache-2.0 | CC BY)

    The Mach 30 Shepard Test Stand is a test stand for Estes rocket motors. It is named after Alan Shepard, America's first astronaut, as it is our first test stand. The Shepard Test Stand uses an Arduino Uno with a custom shield to provide the physical interface between the data collecting computer and the required sensors. This project is the first in a series of projects to develop the required skills for the practice of safe rocket engine operation, and to develop the capability to measure and record data about a rocket engine's performance. The use of Estes class motors provides a relatively safe environment to learn in before moving to higher powered motors and engines. The ultimate vision is to develop test stands for full scale liquid rocket engines for use in orbital launch systems....

  • Simple Wheel Truing Device (CERN-OHL)

    Plans for a simple to construct and cost effective tool for bicycle wheel truing.

  • DMX Gizmo

    This will be a portable device capable of controlling DMX devices, with transparency for intelligent fixtures. It's very much in planning stages as yet, but I've got a few talented individuals helping, and we should be able to put something cool together....

  • Epoxy Granite CNC Mill (CERN-OHL | CC BY-SA)

    We are designing a tabletop cnc mill that uses epoxy-granite (EG) as its major structural material. We are using EG because it enables better vibration damping, longer tool life, and lower production costs than other more traditional materials. Some major components of our work is in developing best practices for molding EG at the necessary scale and in simplifying the total production process to the greatest extent possible....

  • Space Chiles v1.0 (Mach30-ODP)

    First attempt at building a High-altitude balloon to collect pics from the edge of space. This project is a joint venture by Mach 30, Adler Planetarium, and Quelab hackerspace.

  • Variable Gravity Agriculture (Mach30-ODP | GPLv2 | CC BY-SA)

    The Variable Gravity Agriculture (VGA) project is designed to help better understand how plants grow and interact with each other in variable gravity and zero gravity environments. Quelab Makerspace in Albuquerque, New Mexico is spearheading the development and research phases....

  • AttenuatorX (CERN-OHL | GPLv2 | CC BY-SA)

    A relatively Low-cost Wide-Band, Wide Attenuation, High Power, Digitally adjustable RF attenuator which will offer the following features:

    • 0 to 3 GHz Operation
    • Up to 34 dBm (2.5W) Input Power with 10 to 85.5 dB Attenuation in 0.5 dB Steps
    • Up to 50 dBm (100W) Input Power with 30 to 105.5 dB Attenuation in 0.5 dB Steps...
  • Gravity Development Board (CERN-OHL | CC BY)

    The Gravity Development Board (GDB) will be the first space rated open hardware electronic prototyping board, enabling any type of person to create real life space hardware.

    With limited funds and expertise, prototyping a new technology can be a cumbersome and unnecessarily expensive process, especially for undergrad students, hobbyists, and small technology firms. The GDB will replace the Arduino Uno® as the preferred high-level prototyping environment. By being upto 40x faster, 70% smaller, having integrated high power drivers (capable of handling 100x the current), with more flexible Input/Output configurations, and yet is still much easier to program. ...

    • Modkit expansion (CERN-OHL | CC BY)

      In order to program the Gravity Development Board (GDB) with the easy to use Modkit drag and drop interface. Current Parallax SPIN and assembly code must be cross compiled using the Parallax C/C++ GCC compiler.

  • __ (CERN-OHL | GPLv3 | CC BY-SA)
  • Open Source Linking Construction Set (CERN-OHL | GFDL)

    The Open Source Linking Construction (OSLC) set is an open hardware construction set for children and adults.
    This project is designed to develop a FREE collection of individual parts to use, create, and play. This construction will make use of several other open source products that will enable further engagement of creative minds....

  • Laboratory EKG Pre-Amplifier (CC BY-SA)

    This project describes an analog laboratory EKG pre-amplifier for a chart recorder. This pre-amp can also be used to visualize EKGs on an oscilloscope.

    This project was based off of a laboratory amplifier for an electrophysiology course. For background information on basic cardio-electrophysiology, check out Course 6.022J on MIT OpenCourseWare. ...

  • Dionysus (CERN-OHL | GPLv3 | MIT)

    FPGA Hardware Development Platform and Software Environment for simplified FPGA development

    • Hardware (CERN-OHL)

      Hardware subproject of Dionysus

  • CNC Mill: 4x8 Wood (<$500), Fresno Ideaworks (SHL | GPLv3 | CC BY-SA)

    The hackerspace, Fresno Ideaworks, needs a CNC machine to cut plywood and other large materials. We intend to do build one on the cheap and document it as well as we can.

  • Open Source Anchor Project (OSAP) (CC BY-SA)

    The intent of the OSAP is to create and distribute specifications for a generic new-generation anchor suitable for fabrication from readily available materials and using fabrication methods commonly accessible throughout the world.

    This project developed out of discussion on CruisersForum. If you wish to participate in the development of this project you must be a registered member at CruisersForum....

    • Base Anchor (CC BY-SA)

      A simple anchor that can consist of any manufacturing technique or material but is based on the core principles outlined in the mission statements.

      1. Easy to manufacture globally with restricted materials and manufacturing technologies
      2. Low cost

    • Shankless Anchor (CC BY-SA)

      A design goal that involves an anchor that does not have a shank. This design will further minimize cost and manufacturing complexity. A successful design will result in an anchor that works as well as a new generation anchor.

    • Weldless Anchor (CC BY-SA)

      This project looks into the creating of an anchor that does not require welding.

      Attachment of parts can be via any technique that does not involve welding.

      Bolts are allowed or any other mechanical method

      A successful design will function as well as a new generation anchor....

  • Open Source Switches (Mach30-ODP | Apache-2.0 | CC BY-SA)

    Parent project housing a series of general use switches that are all open source.

    IMPORTANT: These switches should not be used in an situation where safety is an issue or damage could result. See the license terms for the limits of liability.

    • Push Button Switch (Mach30-ODP | Apache-2.0 | CC BY-SA)

      A simple push button switch that can come in various sizes.

      IMPORTANT: This switch should not be used in an situation where safety is an issue or damage could result. See the license terms for the limits of liability.

  • Wave Articulation Matrix (CERN-OHL)

    Log Periodic Nested Waveguide
    Articulated Cavity Resonator
    Hyperbolic Geometry, Projective Geometry, Pulsed Power

  • Visual Guide to 3D Printing (CC BY)

    There needs to be a from-scratch, step-by-step, visual set of instructions that makes 3D printing as easy to understand as possible.

  • High Altitude Rocket Project (HARP) (GFDL)

    A community based effort to develop, design, build and fly a rocket capable of reaching the Stratosphere and returning to earth in whole, or in part as a glider. The glider and/or booster are to have onboard telemetry, First Person Video (FPV) and OSD capabilities to transmit live video and data as well as autonomously fly back in close proximity to either the launch point or a designated landing area based on GPS coordinates. The glider should be able to loiter over an area for an extended period of time (1 or more hours) power-pack permitting by gently spiraling down and riding thermals or deploying a small electric motor turning a folding propeller. The glider, when providing FPV and OSD data should also optionally be R/C controllable by a human operator during the final 300-400 feet of descent to landing....

  • Yavin Thruster (Mach30-ODP | CC BY)

    Welcome to Mach 30's Yavin Thruster project. If you have ever wondered what makes rockets work or how engineers go about designing rocket engines, then this is the project for you. We are going to demonstrate how you can go from requirements to analysis and conceptual design (1) to detailed design (2) to manufacture (3) and ultimately test....

  • Open Source Lidar (TAPR-OHL | GPLv3 | GFDL)

    The idea of this project is the conceptual development of a modularized open source lidar system. The
    possibility of realizing an open source lidar system should be evaluated by defining a modularized
    framework with interface definitions. The goal of this modularized open lidar system is to have a...

  • Perpetum mobile (SHL | CC BY)

    kugla, ki se nimr vrti

  • Audio Frequency Function Generator (TAPR-OHL | CERN-OHL | Mach30-ODP | SHL | GPLv3 | GFDL | CC BY | CC BY-SA)

    An analog function generator with 20 Hz - 20kHz frequency band. Outputs sine, triangular and square waveforms with frequency, amplitude and offset adjustment.

Also available in: Atom