Distributed project hosting

Added by J. Simmons about 12 years ago

So, one of the things I have wondered for a while is if there is a way to distribute the operation of the ODE servers (kind of like how source forge has download mirrors, but for the entire system). My first thought was to investigate cloud management tools as a way of allowing groups or individuals to donate cycles on their servers (maybe marketing to hackerspaces as possible donors).

But maybe a better way would be lots of individual installs of ODE/Redmine that can all search across each other's project list. Consider that right now CERN is running the OHWR and Mach 30 is running ODE. What if the project search feature on both sites returned the search results over the union of the projects on both sites. And then scale that up to installs of ODE/Redmine/OHWR running at many hackerspaces and other groups working on open source hardware projects and the search working across all of them no matter which site you start at.

Perhaps we could develop a plugin that would let sites register with one another through a new API to be included on search results. It should be a distributed system so if you register with one site (or at least one of a set of master sites) that your server's projects will be included in global search results from any server. Then ODE would be the virtual equivalent of this blog post, which aims to use the image below as the template for open source hardware development.

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RE: Distributed project hosting - Added by Balazs Imri over 11 years ago

Well once I am capable enough I wouldn't mind trying to tackle a portion of this problem.

Thanks for letting me in. :) I am just exploring the ODE project and what's happening. I have a couple of programmer friends, and I am trying to become one too, so hopefully I can be of some use sometime in the future.

RE: Distributed project hosting - Added by J. Simmons over 11 years ago

Welcome to the site. Feel free to post any questions you might have as you are exploring, and be sure to let us know when you feel ready to help out.

RE: Distributed project hosting - Added by Balazs Imri over 10 years ago

Hi, J.

I think my enquery would fit here well.

I have recently got in contact with a local makerspace that is just in the process of being made. They are building their web platform, and when documenting projects came up I suggested ODE to them.

I was wondering what the process would be for them to potentially host a copy of ODE on a server here in Melbourne, Australia. I thought it would be pretty straightforward but I offered to ask because I already have been in contact with you.

There are several web developers and IT person in the group, so it seems if they managed to get involved with ODE as a user, they might also become contributors to the development of ODE. What are your thoughts?

Should I just forward your email address to them and let you guys sort this out?

RE: Distributed project hosting - Added by Jeremy Wright over 10 years ago

Balazs - Thanks for the information. J is really swamped right now, but I'm sure he'll be interested in talking with you about this and your revenue generation idea when he gets caught up.