A hand-held, low cost, open source photosynthesis measurement platform. The measurement device uses the Teensy 3.0 (arduino-based) microcontroller and connects to a cell phone. The data collected from all devices from all users is aggregated automatically so that meta-analysis of data can be performed by researchers. This may be useful for, as examples, tracking climate change impact on plant activity, improving understanding of plant activity in non-lab conditions with non-model plants, etc. We are developing the device for use by plant breeders (to identify drought stress earlier), educators (to create modules for science curriculum and engage students in real research), and bio-prospectors (to identify novel plants in remote locations that are otherwise inaccessible to researchers).

If you are interested in joining this project, please email gbathree at gmail (dot) com with some information about yourself and your interests. In particular, we are looking for:

  • electical engineers / hackers / people to make the hardware better or identify alternative uses for the hardware
  • Programmers who want to improve the measurement protocols (flashing lights and taking data) in Arduino code
  • Plant scientists / breeders / gardeners who want to identify interesting research projects and topics
  • Teachers / students / mentors interested in creating fun curriculum modules using Photosynq


Manager: Greg Austic

Terms of Service Signers: Greg Austic