Release Testing


The following test plan should be performed on any release candidate prior to scheduling an upgrade of the ODE server. It should again be performed on the live site once the upgrade is in place to ensure the upgrade was successful.

Required Browsers

All tests should be run from the following browser/OS combinations to ensure ODE works for a wide audience.

Browser Windows OS X Linux
Chrome X X X
Firefox X X X
Safari X

To be researched -

Features to Test

ODE features come in three categories. First is features which are built-in to Redmine core. Second is features from community developed plugins such as DMSF. And the third is features which were added using custom plugins from ODE development.

Redmine Core (RC)

  1. Projects
    1. Creation (test with several new projects, each with different features turned on and ensure the correct tabs are visible and appear to be functional)
    2. Create a subproject with New subproject" button on *Overview tab
    3. Attach a project as a subproject of another project from the Settings tab
  2. Wiki
    1. Creating wiki pages
    2. Editing wiki pages
    3. Reverting changes
    4. Adding and referencing attachments on wiki pages
    5. Viewing wiki pages
  3. Issues
    1. Creating issues
    2. Updating issues
    3. Assigning issues
    4. Closing issues
  4. News
    1. Posting News items
    2. Viewing News items from project Overview tab and from ODE homepage (all projects should feed here, so post news items from multiple projects and make sure they show up on home page and only on correct project page)
  5. Forums
    1. Creating forums
    2. Creating forum posts
    3. Replying to forum posts
    4. Viewing forum threads
  6. Repository
    1. TBD (create, list, update, etc)
  7. Users
    1. User creation
    2. User locking (make sure we can disable a user account)
    3. Password reset

Redmine Plugins (RP)

  1. DMSF
    1. Create directories
    2. Upload files to root directory
    3. Upload files to sub-directory
    4. Upload new version of files
    5. Download files
    6. Try and upload files without correct project membership (TODO - J needs to confirm the required membership)
    7. Delete files?
  2. Redmine_SCM / Redmine Checkout (SVN CRUD)
    1. Create a project with SVN support enabled and confirm the repository shows up in the Repository tab
    2. Run the SVN tests from the bottom of the Installation Instructions
    3. Repeat tests with a user who does not have sufficient privileges to commit and ensure read works and write fails (TODO - J needs to confirm the required membership)
  3. Redmine Hide Emails by Default
    1. Create new user and then browse to new user from a different account; verify new user's email address is not visible
  4. Redmine Wiki Issue Details
    1. { {issue_details(35)} } (without spaces) => Sandbox - Support #35: This is a test issue for the sandbox - Needs estimate (New)

ODE Plugins (OP)

  1. Redmine Funding
    1. Visit Features and ensure the following examples render
      1. Pledgie
      2. Kickstarter
      3. Paypal
  2. Redmine Video (extends a community plugin)
    1. Visit Features and ensure the following examples render
      1. Youtube
      2. Vimeo
  3. Redmine Legal
    1. Create a new user account and ensure you must agree to the terms of service to complete account creation
    2. Update the terms of service (there is a settings section under Admin to do this) and then login with an existing account and ensure you must agree to the updated terms of service to continue logging in
    3. Ensure the Terms of Service link in the footer works
    4. Ensure the Terms of Service page renders correctly for both the static display (when you click the link in the footer) and during account creation/login on updates
  4. Redmine Licensing
    1. Add new license to license list in Admin section and ensure it shows up on project Settings tab
    2. Update a license in the license list in the Admin section
    3. Ensure new projects must select at least one license
    4. Ensure a project's selected licenses render on the Overview tab
  5. Allow Private Projects
    1. Ensure the option to create a private project is not visible for new and existing users
    2. Assign private projects allowed privilege (under the users list in Admin) to a user and ensure that user can create a private project

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