Software Source Code

Version 2 (J. Simmons, 12/24/2013 09:15 am)

1 1 Jeremy Wright
h1. Software Source Code
2 1 Jeremy Wright
3 2 J. Simmons
In order to download the latest source code for the SeeDeR SDR/Packet Decoding software, you will need a subversion client.
4 1 Jeremy Wright
5 1 Jeremy Wright
Once you have used the client to check the code out, the top level directory will be @groundsphere@ and the most current production version will be in the @trunk@ directory.
6 1 Jeremy Wright
7 1 Jeremy Wright
There will also be milestone versions available for download from "DMSF": . These versions will not necessarily be the most up-to-date though.
8 1 Jeremy Wright
9 2 J. Simmons
For instructions on how to use the software, please see the [[Operating Manual]]