PY18 Sprint 1A Stand Up 2

New 18 pole tone ring is coming along, end-to-end software demo completed (firmware to GUI and back again), and work with volunteers is getting under way.
Added by J. Simmons 11 months ago

J's Report

  • Did
    • V04-51: Implement Serial Monitor feature - implemented unified app infrastructure and completed the synchronous mode for the serial monitor (you can now send messages and observe the direct replies to your messages)
    • V04-14: Select tone ring based on ease to adapt, costs, identical or faster response times, improved single step - printed v3 of the 2 piece tone ring on my printer (it is looking good), made initial contact with TechShop about injection molding and high end 3D printing reviews, took injection mold machine operation class at TechShop, and heard about an injection mold company to look into (Proto Labs)
    • V04-15: Adapt test rig to use the new auto-adjusting cadence firmware - (not on sprint!) Ordered some components and started re-architecting the test rig into a test stand to support all testing/development work (going to want to verify tone rings soon, so we will want the test stand early)
  • Will do
    • V04-51: Implement Serial Monitor feature - begin work on async mode for serial monitor (observe all communications between Holoseat controller and the REST API)
    • V04-14: Select tone ring based on ease to adapt... - Research Proto Labs and follow up with TechShop contacts about review for tone ring
  • Blocked?
    • Work travel coming up, so can only make headway for the next few days

Bryan's Report

  • Did
    • SME-01: Get Jazmint signed up for Lastpass so we can share passwords securely for social media - pinged Jazmint, have not heard back yet
    • SME-02: Split social media accounts out into a separate folder - done
    • SME-03: share only the social media folder with Jazmint - done
    • V04-29: Design a housing in Fusion 360 for the Feather and daughter board as well as the LED button and TRRS jack (Controller Housing) - handed in progress controller prototype to volunteer to start working on controller housing design
    • V04-59: Design scheme for checking the hardware version so the software can find compatibility - done (see discord chat and later docs in wiki)
    • V04-14: Select tone ring based on ease to adapt, ... - got v3 of tone ring design from volunteer to J
    • Other branding work while we have volunteer available - had some early discussions about other branding PBIs with volunteer
    • Sent status email to alpha testers
  • Will do
    • V04-26: Assemble a test Wings to verify design (on proto-wing) - will finish soldering down all components so we have a test unit
    • SME-01: Get Jazmint signed up for Lastpass so we can share passwords securely for social media - follow up with Jazz
    • Write blog post
    • Mail parts to J
    • RAT-12: Ask legal aid about collecting health data and verify requirements for data security - follow up with legal aid
  • Blocked?
    • work travel and house guests after

Joint Work

  • Add trade mark related PBIs to backlog
  • Review and finalize the v0.4 BoM
  • Decide on pin out for hw version number resistors


Added by Fredericka Nieves 4 months ago

Software engineers are making the software but this actually check when lunched and people can face the problems. I am making the lab software and after some days changing for the assignment labs review who are using this and face the problems than share and we can change.