PY18 Sprint 1 Review and Retrospective

_What's a sprint plan?_
Added by J. Simmons 9 months ago


Claiming Done

  • V04-01: Get all testers signed up for the testing resources
  • V04-02: Go over testing resources with testers to confirm all questions or concerns are answered
  • V04-08: Keep meeting info updated on Meeting_Planning channel
  • V04-03: Get all testers to talk on Discord server
  • V04-10: Contact manufacturers to find a few tone rings that may work for us
  • V04-18: Test TRRS mini stereo jacks and cable to confirm ability to replace the network cable based system
  • V04-19: Select new button that should be a drop in replacement that is a through-pin design and screws on from outside of case (or not at all)
  • V04-20: Test new button to confirm it is a drop in replacement
  • V04-21: Decide what components we want to be on the wing
  • V04-42: Develop static mock up of app UI
  • V04-43: Demo pystray library
  • V04-44: Demo pywebview
  • V04-45: Demo flask app development
  • V04-46: Demo serial messaging library suitable for Serial Monitor
  • V04-53: Research how to leverage USB PID
  • V04-54: Follow instructions for registering USB PID with PID codes -

Not Claiming Done

  • n/a (sprint was not completely planned)


What went well?

  • The hardware testing
  • Initial work on the new desktop app
  • Getting testers through initial on boarding
  • Got done about the right set of work at about the right time (especially considering we had no formal sprint plan)

What did not go well?

  • No formal sprint plan - What's a sprint plan?
  • Hit the resource bottleneck again because we did not leverage outside resources (direct result of not having a formal sprint plan)
  • The timing for annual planning and needing to get things rolling for the planning year was off
  • Missed some stand ups (old habit coming back to haunt us) due to travel and other outside blocks
  • Travel in general
  • While we got a couple of blog posts got up, the social media continued to stagnate (related to resource constraints)

What can we do better?

  • We need to address annual planning; everything else that did not go well stems from not completing annual planning
    • In the rush to try to have delivery of alpha units by end of year, we cut annual planning short; last planning cycle took 3-4 weeks for planning
    • Need to determine correct annual cadence for planning years running SyndCon to SyndCon
    • Let's lay out the assumptions for our planning year
      • Year runs Sept to Aug
      • Aug is just for SyndCon and recovery from SyndCon
      • Planning year is broken into thirds which are ~2 sprints long each
      • Sept is dedicated to planning (no development)
    • Annual Cadence
      • Third 1
        • Sep: Planning
        • Oct - Nov: Sprint 1
        • Dec: Basically off (any development is out of cycle)
      • Third 2
        • Jan - Feb: Sprint 2
        • Mar - Apr: Sprint 3
      • Third 3
        • May - Jun: Sprint 4
        • Jul - Aug: Sprint 5 (runs short to meet deadline for SyndCon; it is always dedicated to convention prep)
  • We need to discuss how to apply this cadence through the end of calendar year 2017