PY18 Sprint 1 Stand Up 6

Starting the final week of sprint 1, need to address some open planning issues. But, development is looking promising for v0.4.
Added by J. Simmons over 2 years ago

J's Report

  • Did
    • Reviewed schematics updates for Bryan
    • Training on Bootstrap for visual layout of app, Python Requests for interaction between GUI and REST API, and started training in multi-threading in Python
    • Developed color scheme for the app UI
  • Will do
    • Backlog grooming
    • Lay out the app source code structure in svn
    • Re-implement UI layout (running in Flask)
    • Continue multi-threading in Python training
    • Reply back to 6' (turn of the year is fine/discuss sending alpha instead of v0.3.5)
    • Follow up with biz dev center
  • Blocked?
    • need the backlog groomed

Bryan's Report

  • Did
    • Completed first bread board build of v0.4, need to test with a tone ring
    • Tried to reach the missing tester
  • Will do
    • Backlog grooming
    • Test bread board build with a tone ring
    • Follow up with Star
  • Blocked?
    • need the backlog groomed **


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