PY18 Sprint 1 Stand Up 4

Mixed week development wise. Several blocks for both of us, but great progress (and more to come) on the configuration app.
Added by J. Simmons over 2 years ago

J's Report

  • Did
    • Almost wrapped up meeting scheduling with 6'
    • Tested pystray
    • Completed mockup
    • Drafted SyndCon 2017 Blog Post
    • Looked at access to FB holoseat page - need personal account to register for business management access
  • Will do
    • Attend pre-counseling phone call with DC Small Business Dev Center
    • Wrap up meeting scheduling with 6' crosses fingers
    • Test Flask
    • Start testing serial data link with Tornado
    • Prep for 6' trip
    • Get SyndCon post reviewed by Dragons
  • Blocked?
    • Work travel next week
    • Waiting final confirmation from 6'
    • Got stood up by DC Small Business Dev Center

Bryan's Report

  • Did
    • nothing this week
  • Will do
    • Continue to ping last tester that’s MIA
    • Redo circuit layout based on new breakouts and cables
    • Start building new version on protoboard
  • Blocked?
    • Have been sick and getting caught up at work
    • More travel coming up

Joint Work

  • Backlog grooming


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