PY18 Sprint 1 Stand Up 3

Things are still a little hectic as we continue to settle into the new round of development. But we are back to making steady progress.
Added by J. Simmons 12 months ago

J's Report

  • Did
    • Published Part 1 of 2017 Recap/2018 Plan blog series
    • Registered with and scheduled pre-counseling phone call with DC Small Business Dev Center
    • Updated Holoseat transport box
    • Made significant progress scheduling meeting(s) with 6'
  • Will do
    • Attend pre-counseling phone call with DC Small Business Dev Center
    • Wrap up meeting scheduling with 6' crosses fingers
    • Complete mockup
    • Test pystray
    • Draft SyndCon 2017 Blog Post
    • Address access to FB holoseat page
  • Blocked
    • Things are starting to get back to normal, but we will have to see how it goes

Bryan's Report

  • Did
    • Contacted additional Holoseat testers to get them signed up for resources
    • Worked with vendor over speed wheel, unfortunately they are likely not a option
    • Developed outline for blog post
  • Will do
    • Continue to ping last tester that’s MIA
    • Redo circuit layout based on new breakouts and cables
    • Build new version on protoboard
  • Blocked
    • continued personal travel/time off
    • getting caught up after personal travel/time off