2017 Sprint 3 Review and Retrospective

We finished just in time for SyndCon. Now it is time to see what users have to say about v0.4.
Added by J. Simmons 11 months ago


Claiming Done

All PBIs except other PBIs SYN-17 (shirts for raffle). Key completed tasks include:

  • Finalizing the sensor configuration, utilizing wheel speed sensor and tone ring
  • Prep updated demo units
  • Prep demos (games, computers, displays, etc)
  • Design and make swag to give away at the con
  • Create the presentations for the main meeting and our panel

Not Claiming Done

  • SYN-17: Make shirts for raffle prizes - we dropped this after deciding it was too low of a priority to bother doing this year


What went well?

  • Utilizing outside resources (volunteer and contracted) provided just the amount of additional capacity we needed
  • The speed wheel and wheel speed sensor design decision worked beyond our wildest dreams
  • Meeting in person for the last push before SyndCon was extremely helpful
  • Looks like the crates will be sufficient to get the bikes to and from SyndCon
  • The move to automatic trigger cadence in the firmware was inspired and is also a huge improvement for the product
  • Lots of good use of 3D printing for prototyping structural elements (at VT and at J's apartment)

What did not go well?

  • Bryan had some challenges designing and building the crates for the bike components
  • Reusing old components for new builds led to too many glitches that took too long to troubleshoot
  • Trying to directly solder all of the components on the tiny proto space on Feather was a pain and also led to longer troubleshooting

What can we do better?

  • No more soldering components directly onto controller boards, from now one use daughter boards (e.g. Feather Wings) for attaching components to controller boards
  • Do not reuse any presss fit components for new builds (e.g. Ethernet jacks)