2017 Sprint 3 Stand Up 2

We made amazing progress this week on the updated sensors!
Added by J. Simmons 12 months ago

J's Report

  • Did
    • Drafted Sprint 2 to Sprint 3 blog post
    • SYN-18: Research and select type of swag to include in the con swag bags - done, found 3 options, worked with Bryan to select one
    • Followed up with Ingrid about contract work
    • SYN-20: Ask D. for swag bag count - done
  • Will do
    • Post Sprint 2 to Sprint 3 blog post
    • SYN-19: Design swag for swag bags - will handle this as part of SYN-21
    • SYN-21: Order enough swag for swag bags - order wrist bands
    • Ping Ingrid about follow up email
    • SYN-26: Prepare slides and script for the Holoseat panel emphasizing our pre-sales initiative - will start working on outline
  • Blocked?
    • Waiting to hear back from Ingrid

Bryan's Report

  • Did
    • DEV-32: Select sensor package format (which specific model of the selected sensor) - done and ordered
    • DEV-31: Identify a tone ring that will work with Desk Cycle and selected sensor - ordered tool, selected magnets (and ordered them), modeled and printed the custom tone ring
    • SYN-08: Build small scale test of expanding foam based packing boxes to verify/improve this construction technique - ran an initial test of spray foam techniques; spray foam is not going to work :( Going to need another approach
    • SYN-04: Develop a controller "box" that mounts on Desk Cycle in the same place their bike computer mounts - have located external resource to support designing and printing the controller "box"
  • Will do
    • nothing; but hope to get some work done over the holiday weekend
  • Blocked?
    • On personal travel this week

Next Week's Joint Work

  • SYN-11: Refresh the demo surveys


Added by J. Simmons 12 months ago

In support of SYN-08 I will research closed cell foam (sourcing, cost, and shaping).

Added by J. Simmons 12 months ago

This Make article has some info about custom cases. It does not list brand names or part numbers, but it does indicate we can get the foam we are looking for at a fabric store like JoAnn's.

Added by J. Simmons 12 months ago

Did some searching for polyurethane foam at Joann's and found this 5 in thick (24 in x 36 in) foam. The reviews show it is good for craft projects, but not seat cushions. I plan to check it out in person tomorrow while running other errands.

Note, foam is 50% off at Joann's through July 4, 2017. If we find what we need we should buy some asap.

Added by J. Simmons 12 months ago

Here is some interesting foam from Amazon - https://www.amazon.com/FoamTouch-Upholstery-Foam-Cushion-Density/dp/B017WPIHOG

Added by J. Simmons 12 months ago

And a link from Pinterest.