2017 Sprint 1 Review and Retrospective

Added by J. Simmons about 1 year ago


Claiming Done

  • BIZ-01 through BIZ-13 (except BIZ-07: Submit paperwork to adjust ownership to the appropriate entities), so we are good for another year in terms of BIZ maintenance
  • DEV-02: Determine if we should use a tone ring vs. existing single magnet design
  • DEV-03: Fix Bug #276 (Sensors are 5v logic feeding into 3.3v inputs on the controller)
  • DEV-11: Select BT Host module from CHIP's BT module or an external one
  • DEV-14: Develop outline for onboarding process
  • DEV-15: Port the controller side RJ-45 wiring from the v0.3 controller to the v0.4 controller
  • DEV-17: Port physical switch wiring from v0.3 to v0.4
  • CAMP-01: Review articles/information from Fred Hicks regarding kickstarter campaigns
  • CAMP-03: Review docs for new campaigns on Crowd Supply's website

Not Claiming Done

  • BIZ-07: Submit paperwork to adjust ownership to the appropriate entities - just missing final signatures on one of our internal documents, this will be done before we start the next sprint
  • DEV-06: Test Keyboard USB HID over USB-Gadget - turns out this is a lot harder than we wanted it to be and it is something people are still figuring out how to do on embedded systems like CHIP and Pi (so no ready to follow guides/tutorials)


What went well?

  • Planned very well this time, especially in terms of choosing the things for this sprint (we are set up well for the future)
  • Did a good job addressing all of the "not fun stuff" (aka BIZ tasks, scheduling recurring tasks, etc); things feel sustainable where the BIZ items are concerned
  • For the most part we paced ourselves well (only hit snags at the end of sprint when personal things came up)
  • Feel good about how we ran the sprint

What did not go well?

  • Did not complete the HID research: DEV-06/DEV-07 (HID over Arduino)
  • Behind on some documentation

What can we do better?

  • Stick to the meta-planning during sprints (we had a go/no-go point in time for HID Gadget and did not utilize it; note the HID over Arduino was the safe bet)
  • Should start with simpler solutions first (aka HID over Arduino) and then work on more complex solutions (aka HID Gadget) so you get the win; aka order of development work
  • Should favor more mature technologies when there are options; aka how we design architecture
  • Include PBIs to create appropriate required documentation
  • Count documentation as "done" when it is sufficient for someone else to repeat the process/results
  • Try out Mach 30's "Document before you act, as you act, and after you act" ground rules
  • Look at posting publicly available link to Discord Development channel to ensure all technical discussion is available online (we will create a PBI about this)