2017 Sprint 1 Plan

Sprint 1 of 2017 is about to start. Check out the plan in this week's project news.
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Sprint 1 planning is complete. The focus of the sprint is to address admin tasks related to the maintenance of Model B, LLC, conduct initial research about running a crowd source campaign, and continue the research and development required to lock in on the final hardware design for v0.4. The full details of the sprint are below.

Duration: 8 weeks
Stand Ups: Wednesday nights
Start: Feb 22, 2017
End: Apr 19, 2017

Backlog and Full Sprint Plan (see Backlog and Sprint 1 tabs)

Key Development PBIs
  • DEV-02: Determine if we should use a tone ring vs. existing single magnet design
  • DEV-03: Fix Bug #276 (Sensors are 5v logic feeding into 3.3v inputs on the controller)
  • DEV-06: Test Keyboard USB HID over USB-Gadget
  • DEV-10: Select BT HID module from CHIP's BT module or an external one
  • DEV-11: Select BT Host module from CHIP's BT module or an external one
  • DEV-15: Port the controller side RJ-45 wiring from the v0.3 controller to the v0.4 controller
  • DEV-17: Port physical switch wiring from v0.3 to v0.4
Pre-Sprint Commitments
  • J - content management
    • Post Sprint 1 Announcement on Holoseat News Feed
    • Write 2017 plan blog post
  • Bryan - website admin PBIs
    • BIZ-11: Define schedule for checking and applying updates to website.
    • BIZ-12: Setup either RSS feed or notification related to wordpress vulernabilities so we know when to check for emergency updates
    • BIZ-13: Schedule backups so that they are running
    • BIZ-14: Determine frequency of backup/restore tests to confirm backups can be used


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