Big news for SkyCube!

It's official, SkyCube is scheduled for launch!!!
Added by J. Simmons about 7 years ago

This just in from Southern Stars, SkyCube will launch on Dec 15. This is super exciting news on several fronts. First and foremost, completing qualifying tests and delivering a satellite for launch is a monumental occasion. Southern Stars and all of their backers deserve a huge round of applause. Kudos to one and all at the SkyCube team.

Second, it locks Ground Sphere into a fixed development schedule. I will meet with Tim from Southern Stars shortly to make sure everyone is on the same page about the Ground Sphere schedule. Once that is done, I will update our calendar appropriately. In the mean time, we will press ahead with our original schedule (though we have had a small delay due to shipping of a component for the first prototype, so we won't be exactly on schedule).

With SkyCube on its way to space, it's time for us to get cracking. Look for more updates soon.

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Added by Opeese Mesere over 2 years ago

Big news for Sky Cube is here all the people who work under that platform. They know that how to solve that problem because in that situation they show everything to us. And that were providing you best things for you.