Physical calculations

Calculated measurements for antenna components
Added by Aaron Harper about 7 years ago

The measurements for antenna components are as follows:

  • Phasing line: 2.7745" of RG-62 90 ohm coax cable (I have nearly 1000 feet in stock).
  • Body tube: 4" of 1.5" black ABS tubing (available at Lowes or other hardware store).
  • Ground plane: 6.3" diameter disk of conductive rip stop fabric.
  • Ground plane radial arms: 2.3925" of rigid material (need not be conductive).
  • Aerial length (circumference): 13.7075" of 12ga copper wire or better.
  • Distance between bottom of aerials and ground plane: 1.6475".

Note: All parts have some tolerance to variance, the measurements cited were the precise mathematical ideals based upon ideal conditions and materials. Some tuning will be required.


Added by J. Simmons about 7 years ago

Thanks for getting this going, Aaron. I'd like to see the process for these calculations documented. Did you do them by hand or in a spreadsheet or in some other tool? It would be great if you had a source file (open office spreadsheet, analysis script source, etc) that we could post in a DMSF Design Files folder.

Added by Aaron Harper about 7 years ago

I put together a simple spreadsheet to do so... I will post the file to the design files folder.

Added by John Wan almost 2 years ago

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Added by Liam William almost 2 years ago

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