PY18 Sprint 2 Plan

Added by J. Simmons 5 months ago

Winter break is over and we accomplished some nice bonus work during our down time (including finalizing design details and setting up the first prototype of a test stand for Holoseat components). Now it is time to get back to our regular rhythm and wrap up the development work for the Alpha units so we can ship them to our testers.

Duration: 8 weeks
Stand Ups: Thursday nights
Start: Jan 4, 2018
End: Mar 1, 2018

Backlog and Full Sprint Plan (see Backlog and Sprint 2 tabs)

User Stories Under Development

  • As a developer I want to design a "Wing" so that I can reduce risk to expensive components
  • As a designer I want to determine the sensor mount adhesive so that we can include it in the alpha test
  • As a manufacturer I want to source a manufactured tone ring so that I can reduce costs
  • As a developer I want to enable required functionality so that I can handle basic configuration through the application (defaults and live for: enabled, single step duration, forward and backward chars)
  • As a business owner I want to research site support for manufacturing process so that I can fill in gaps in organization knowledge and experience
  • As a testing coordinator I want to evaulate the design so that I can avoid additional expenses from updates
  • As a marketer I want to continue publishing blog posts once a month (on a consistent schedule) so that I have original content to share
  • As a designer I want to develop a housings so that I can avoid having lose electronics sitting on the equipment

Plus work on business management PBIs.

Pre-Sprint Commitments

  • J
    • V04-13: Test the tone rings against the behavior of the existing 12 pole 3D printed design (at least same performance, but looking for faster response times and improved single stepping) - print 2 sets of tone ring parts
    • PIC-01: Submit application to Crowd Supply to see if they would be interested in Holoseat - start filling out google doc that has the questions copied into it
    • SME-08: Publish at least one blog post in Jan. - draft Jan blog post
  • Bryan
    • V04-26: Assemble a test Wings to verify design (on proto-wing)
    • BIZ-01: Prep books for taxes
    • BIZ-03: Work with Legal on Trademark Filing


Added by Daniel Walton 23 days ago

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