PY18 Sprint 1A Review and Retrospective

Moving from prototype development as a team of 2 to product development and including volunteers is a big change. Lots of important lessons to be learned from this sprint.
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Claiming Done

  • V04-27: Order at quantity any parts where we have high confidence and a reasonable discount
  • V04-16: Place order for replacement components on the v0.4 BOM for confirming suitability
  • V04-49: Implement python serial library for accessing new version of HSP
  • V04-60: Design Rest API in seperate thread that is running using serial protocol
  • V04-50: Implement foundation of desktop app in flask
  • V04-51: Implement Serial Monitor feature
  • V04-71: Branding on keycap
  • SME-02: Split social media accounts out into a seperate folder
  • SME-03: share only the social media folder with Jazmint
  • SME-01: Get Jazmint signed up for Lastpass so we can share passwors securely for social media
  • SME-07: Publish at least one blog post in December

Not Claiming Done

  • V04-14: Select tone ring based on ease to adapt, costs, identical or faster response times, improved single step
  • V04-13: Test the tone rings against the behavior of the existing 12 pole 3D printed design (at least same performance, but looking for faster response times and improved single stepping)
  • V04-15: Adapt test rig to use the new auto-adjusting cadence firmware
  • V04-26: Assemble a test Wings to verify design (on proto-wing)
  • V04-24: Have layout double checked by a volunteer with layout experience
  • V04-52: Figure out how to stabilize the TRRS jack when using female header
  • V04-30: Test prints of both housings to confirm they will work
  • V04-28: Design a housing in Fusion 360 for the sensor and TRRS jack (Sensor Housing)
  • V04-29: Design a housing in Fusion 360 for the Feather and daughter board as well as the LED button and TRRS jack (Controller Housing)
  • V04-59: Design scheme for checking the hardware version so the software can find compatibility
  • V04-58: Implement hardware versioning system that can be detected by Holoseat software
  • V04-47: Develop and document outline of new version of HSP
  • V04-48: Implement new version of HSP in controller firmware
  • V04-61: Implement v0.4 required REST API methods for HSP
  • RAT-12: Ask legal aid about collecting health data and verify requirements for data security
  • V10-01: Have a volunteer familiar with injection molding review the Sensor Housing and make suggestions to allow the design to be usable for both
  • V10-02: Have a volunteer familiar with injection molding review the Controller Housing and make suggestions to allow the design to be usable for both
  • SME-11: Publish overview of gamification and gamification of exercise
  • SME-06: Publish at least one blog post in November
  • SME-10: Research gamify exercise competition (e.g. Pelaton and Virzoom)
  • SME-13: Research exerfy games competition (e.g. PC Gamer Bike and Hack a Day DIY projects)
  • PIC-01: Submit application to Crowd Supply to see if they would be interested in Holoseat


What went well?

  • All component level updates have been completed and verified (still need to verify a couple of assemblies using new components)
  • New software architecture is completed and verified at firmware and software level
  • Engaged with a lawyer, finally
  • Engaged with Roanoke Small Biz Dev Council

What did not go well?

  • Too many PBIs not done
  • We did not attend all stand ups, or even virtual stand ups
  • Did not do a job of engaging with volunteers
  • Spent too much time in this and last sprint trying to engage DC biz dev center
  • Got overly ambitious (just too many PBIs period - again!)
  • Set unrealistic goals for Alpha delivery and have still not accepted what it will take to finish the Alphas
  • Not prioritizing communication enough (especially outside of core dev team)
  • Personal feelings of not doing a good job of personal time management and task list

What can we do better?

  • Find additional volunteers (especially CAD and Marketing)
  • Move "will do"s from stand ups each week to personal task list (on phone)
  • Develop a metric for determining the size of a planned sprint and select an initial cut off point for max size of sprint work (to include how we address outsourced work)
  • Avoid running short sprints in the future, and when we have to run short sprints, the total size of the sprint needs to be reduced from normal
  • Reexamine how we address blocks so they are about what is preventing us from making progress
  • Address lack of time to commit in how much and what goes into "will do" for a stand up (not treat as blocks)
  • Prioritize handling real blocks to remove the thing preventing progress/recognize if block means PBI needs to be dropped from sprint
  • Develop cookie-cutter set of external communication templates that are triggered by specific types of content/events (aka poor man's communication plan)


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