Feature #20

Add support for shared "engineering" workflows

Added by J. Simmons over 9 years ago. Updated almost 7 years ago.

Status:New Start date:04/09/2011
Priority:Normal Due date:
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Target version:Under consideration


Workflow system should be extensible and allow users to share there workflows with other projects (this way we are not expected to deliver the end-all-be-all workflow, and instead, the community can discover what workflows work best in the tool); system should ship with some basic workflow(s) in this case so it has something even at release


Updated by J. Simmons over 9 years ago

One possible engineering workflow (project features should support following all or part of the workflow as needed by the projects):
  • get/make requirements (to understand what you are going to build)
  • setup 1 or more teams/sub-projects (small scale still just 5-10 people all one team, big scale several sub-project teams)
  • create tasks that link to derived requirements to establish traceability, in multi-team scenarios, tasks should be associated with the appropriate teams/sub-projects; in single team scenario, all tasks should get associated to the main team/project when there are multiple teams, usually need a PCT (team of teams)
  • loop through below, each iteration move into more detail (lofi analysis, hifi analysis, cad parts, prototype, build, fly)
  • do work (each iteration = more detail: lo-fi analysis, hi-fi analysis, produce cad parts, prototype, build, fly/test) <–if we're generalizing
  • document (examples: procedures, BoM, drawings, parts, analyses docs, graphs, reports, meeting minutes, presentations, Requirements docs, etc)
  • review/test
  • update design
  • approve – triggers next iteration

Updated by J. Simmons almost 7 years ago

Comments from Chris - not sure this is a considerable investment of time/energy (can't even begin to estimate it without breaking it into sub-features) and not sure people would really want to use it.

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