Iterative Design of Holoseat Sensor Housing

Added by J. Simmons about 5 years ago

The following pics show the evolution of the v1 Alpha sensor housing for Holoseat. Holoseat uses a wheel speed sensor connected to a TRRS jack to detect user cadence and direction from a custom made tone ring.

The sensor sub-assembly

Getting the Base Sized

The first step was to size the base properly sized. It took a couple of passes to get the clearances worked out.

First pass was a little small, second was a little loose

Developing the "Box"

The next step was to raise the walls of the base up to form a box. I had to include an opening in one of the walls to provide access to the jack. This fist time I forgot to bring the wall up to meet the jack, hence the second revision of the box.

First pass at the box
Second pass at the box

Enclosing the Sensor

Wrapping up the lower portion of the sensor enclosure required an extension to protect the sensor itself. Note its shape points in the direction of the sensor's face so users know how to place the completed sensor assembly.

Box with a spot for the sensor

Adding a Top

All that was left was to create a top with a snug enough fit that it would stay in place without adhesive.

And here is the top and the finished enclosure

CAD Source Files/Assembly Instructions

Check the readme.txt files in the following folders. CAD models built in Fusion 360 and prototypes printed on PrintrBot Simple Metal.