Sorting out ODE Project Pages Update

Added by J. Simmons about 7 years ago

Part of the 2016 Sprint 5 is to get the ODE Project docs back up to snuff. The heavy lifting for that work will be updating the wiki pages and capturing v0.3's important links. However, I also want to review what features we are using and how we are using them.

  • Roadmap REMOVE - no longer needed with our move to Agile. Note, the wiki nav bar will need a link to our Agile planning doc and we need to update that spreadsheet to include user stories, the backlog, and the sprints. I also think we should archive this spreadsheet each year and roll over open user stories and PBIs (after evaluating if they are still relevant) into the new year's spreadsheet.
  • Issues/New Issue - We should no longer create milestones in the issue tracker. We should primarily use it to track user posted support/bug/feature requests and then move items to PBIs as needed. I will also be cleaning it out of old content
  • Gantt REMOVE - no longer needed, period.
  • News - I noticed today that the News feed shows up on the project overview page (I am sure I knew this before). So, I think we should use it, but not as a blog (this way content on the overview page is fresh). I think the best use for it is to move the Sprint posts there. Each news item will represent a sprint. It's content will be a short summary of the planned sprint (selected PBIs with summaries) plus the review/retrospective added in after the sprint. The News module supports comments, so we can put stand ups in the comments. As for the handful of existing posts, I will port those over to the Model B blog as they really are blog like content.
  • DMSF - need that for distributing various files, plus I expect we will start to see more CAD models soon.
  • Wiki - No change in terms of how we use it, but there are many updates that need to be made there
  • Forums - No real change
  • Repository - No real change (need to make a tag for v0.3 when we wrap up this documentation work)

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RE: Sorting out ODE Project Pages Update - Added by J. Simmons about 7 years ago

And now to move on to updating the wiki. Here is a new suggested Nav bar layout (with notes as needed to explain in page updates)


  • Home - Welcome and About page content
  • Versions - structure as is, add in Documentation page for v0.3 asap, based on final drafts of the wiki content
  • Agile Process Docs
    See News feed for weekly status reports
    • 2016: User Stories (link to user stories page) | Sprints (link to agile planning doc) <- will add same content for 2017 above 2016 to create a stack, note we should move epoch goals to the User Stories doc (I think)


Design Data

  • Block Diagram - update
  • Schematics and PCB Files - pull in all of the fritzing files (DMSF for files, attach images and put them inline), refer back to block diagram
  • Project Software - reformat to be a list of the software for the project (app, firmware, test rig) pointing to tagged versions for 0.3, merge in details from Firmware Notes, making sure to update links in source code comments where relevant


To Be Removed from Navigation Bar