2016 Sprint 5 Thread

Added by J. Simmons over 7 years ago

Contains stand ups, review, retrospective, etc for fifth sprint of 2016.

Runs 2016.09.22 - 2016.11.17

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RE: 2016 Sprint 5 Thread - Added by J. Simmons over 7 years ago

Pre-week 1 commitments

  • J
    • Will do - HW-26 (purchase boards) and the first blog post from BIZ-35 (syndocn)
  • Bryan
    • Will do - nothing (biz travel)

RE: 2016 Sprint 5 Thread - Added by J. Simmons over 7 years ago

Week 1 Stand Up (virtual)

  • J
    • Did - ordered sample RPi Zeros and CHIPS (RPi Zeros are already here), drafted first blog post from BIZ-35 (syndcon), developed a format for sprint review/planning blog posts
    • Will do - work to get first blog post published, start drafting second blog post from BIZ-35 (sprint 4 review/sprint 5 planning)
    • Blocked? - still waiting on video review and photos for first blog post; traveling to OHS Thur, so cannot do stand up on Thur night and will be at reduced capacity
  • Bryan
    • Did - nothing
    • Will do - nothing
    • Blocked? - biz travel

RE: 2016 Sprint 5 Thread - Added by J. Simmons over 7 years ago

Critical Sprint Status Meeting

  • Sprint has failed to go anywhere near according to plan
    • J, blocked due to unexpected work travel (~6 of the 8 weeks in the sprint)
    • Bryan is becoming available according to plan
    • But, most remaining work is really for J
    • Conclusion - abort sprint and re-plan
  • Leveraging completed work on BIZ-35
    • There were three tasks here (J noted that this should have been broken into 3 separate PBIs)
    • J recommends publishing first newsletter as a SyndCon newsletter and then do the planned style (sprint to sprint) in the rebooted sprint
    • J will coordinate with social media contractor
  • Rebooting the sprint
    • J suggests
      • holding review and retrospective (such as it will be) once his work travel is done
      • planning next sprint after that
      • setting up the sprint to sprint blog post and next newsletter release with the new plan
    • Bryan concurred

RE: 2016 Sprint 5 Thread - Added by J. Simmons over 7 years ago

Sprint 5 Review

Claiming Done

  • HW-26 - Purchase alternate controller boards to begin testing

Not Claiming Done

Everything else. :(

  • BIZ-33 - Redo books in GNUCash as previous platform ate them
  • HW-24 - Update documentation for Holoseat to match current revision, aka the wiki pages
  • BIZ-34 - Update documentation so that it is current and all irrelevant documentation is removed
  • SW-01 - Update system tray software to be fully commented internally so that others can work on the code easier
  • HW-25 - Double check and confirm all documentation of firmware is correct
  • HW-27 - Research industrial design contract to move sensor assembly from prototype to finished
  • BIZ-35 - Write the post SyndCon and the Sprint 4 to 5 blog posts and get the first newsletter published

Other Notes

  • See earlier post about how this sprint was completely screwed up by external factors.


What we did well?

  • We did the right kind of planning.
  • The first week +/- started off strong (first blog post done, parts ordered quickly, arranged Bryan's work on sprint to start later intentionally)

What didn't go well?

  • Both J and Bryan had external factors that prevented them from really working on the sprint much past week 1
  • We took too long to acknowledge the sprint was hosed (way too long)
  • Once again, we got to a point where stand ups stopped happening, and in turn the sprint came to a stand still
  • BIZ-35 was a poorly defined PBI; it was really 3 PBIs, and we would have gotten more credit for completing more of the sub-items

What can we do better next time?

  • We must preserve the time for stand ups
  • Be willing to bail on failed sprints as soon as we recognize issues
  • Watch for compound PBIs!!!